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Craisglist Job Respondent points out things we never knew.

Could this be our 'JOHN DOE?'

I think about the fact that people like me, who are productive, accurate, intelligent, and caring employees, are discarded by companies more and more every day so that executives can fatten their pay and their bonuses and their stock options no matter how many lives they destroy. And I think about how foolish young people like you are when you put in lots of overtime, thinking that “hard work” will be rewarded by criminal companies.

You probably have me pegged as a conservative, a Republican, a fuddy-duddy old fart, none of which I am. I voted for Obama, just like so many of you younger people did, but not because I believe in “hope” (another nonsensical word like “proactive” and “luck”) but because I thought (and think) that Obama is intelligent and practical. I don’t give a flying fuck about his race because political correctness is one of the most damaging, phony, and pernicious inventions of social engineering ever created, right up there with “the American Dream” (a bullshit business slogan originally).

You do have to listen to me, boy, just as I have to listen to you. It’s called democracy. And in our democracy, I will not stand for people like you declaring “a whole new ball game” when you don’t understand that even under communism, people had to earn money to pay for places to live and food to eat. I have worked as a journalist, essayist, poet, dramatist, and pornographer at various times since the 1970s. I have done much good work, and have deserved payment for all of it. Work should be paid for, and part of reasonable business planning should be budgeting to pay people for their services if you want them to contribute to the growth of your business. It’s also a way to attract potential future employees. And once you’ve built up the business and hired and provided benefits to your employees, you can string them along with encouraging promises about “growth” and “challenges,” and then, having built up peoples’ hopes, you can call them into a meeting and announce: “Ha! I’m selling the company, taking all the money, and you’re all screwed! God Bless America!” And that’s my “dribble,” child.

Article of evidence # 5.

From: “Chris Koulouris”
To: John Doe.
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2010 3:10:09 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: RE: You want people to work for NO PAY?!

Dear sir,

I appreciate and share your concerns. Perhaps you ought to approach those entities that are in a position to offer a sustainable wage. I for one live on no hand outs, other salary save for the few dollars i saved up before I went to business for myself. Although I am not risking life and limb like my grandfather did fighting the Nazi’s thank you I am risking homelessness and have deprived myself of many things that a salary could provide- such as health care, the opportunity to live in a better part of town, a family, and other incidentals that one can name in a heartbeat…

I am doing it the way I see makes most sense, and I as I will reiterate once again, once I make a return on the fruits of my sacrifices I am more than willing to share with others who are equally committed to the journey.

You don’t have to agree with my choices but like you appreciate I am also a writer who decided to take the ball and run with it/ instead of being shafted by the industry.

Who knows – hopefully the whole thing will make a bunch of money, worst case scenario- I become homeless, lose some more weight (cause i only eat 2 meals a day) but at least have one hell of a story to tell which i do. You on the other hand will only have lost the couple of hours of your time a week writing a provocative piece.

That said, please let me know if you want to contribute in any capacity. I like your fire but I also believe in my resolve as well.

good afternoon,


Editor in Chief
Scallywag and Vagabond.

and then article of evidence # 6 when Barrett Brown our assistant editor and dilettante at large (and we do mean dilettante…) could help but respond as well.