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Craisglist Job Respondent points out things we never knew.



Article of evidence #3:

—– Original Message —–
From: “Chris Koulouris”
To: John Doe.
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2010 12:55:17 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: RE: You want people to work for NO PAY?!

we actually do work for free – for the last year, we have building this site. Once we make money we are willing to share. Once you find some courage to do something of equal valor – give us a call. You are not obliged to join this forum and we should trust that people don’t need to listen to you spelling out how society should work when it’s a whole new ball game out there.

Please think before you write.


p.s- that said you are entitled to your dribble.

Evidence #4:

Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 19:50:45 +0000
From: John Doe.
To: chris_koulouris@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: You want people to work for NO PAY?!

Listen you young, arrogant, know-nothing, ill-raised motherfucker, you want to talk about real valor? How about the sacrifices being made by people in the military against the most nihilistic, fanatical, and mindless people this country has fought since the Nazis and the Japanese more than 60 years ago? Thousands of real heroes of all ages are coming back from combat zones missing limbs and struggling with their sanity. What they have done shows real valor, my friend; the founding of a Web site involves a business risk, not the risk of life and limb. If your business fails, you may be bankrupt, you may be in debt, but you won’t be dead or disabled. How about the way my father-in-law, at age 19, along with other equally young men, less than a thousand of them, held the line during the Battle of St. Vith in Belgium 65 years ago during the Battle of the Bulge against tens of thousands of better-equipped Nazi soldiers, ruining Adolf Hitler’s plan to win in western Europe? And they did so during a winter that was much harsher than we are suffering now. Is that enough valor for you, boy? Your surname is Greek; perhaps you might want to check out the sacrifices, suffering, and courage of the Greek people under Nazi occupation. Their resistance and their suffering required real courage. They didn’t have helicopter parents hovering protectively like your generation does.

You accuse me of being cowardly. Your self-satisfied statement is ignorant and ill-informed. Since 1985, when she was totally and permanently disabled at age 28 (and I was age 30) I have been the primary caregiver for my wife and working full time to support us. I have gotten nothing but shit for doing so from “the greatest country in the world.” (See the video “Caregiver’s Resume” by John Doe on YouTube. I lived it and I wrote it.) We have been burglarized three times, and I was almost killed by a suicidal criminal in 1982. Every fucking day I wonder why the fuck I am still alive. The valor you speak of–building a Web site?–is laughable. I survive on raw anger. And yet I have restrained myself from attacking other people, unlike so many other Americans who act out violently or murderously after a minor frustration. I listen to selfish idiots like you every day, talking loudly on their mobile phones, their BlueTooth devices, their iPhones, broadcasting their snottiness publicly while the rest of us stifle our rage at the disturbance of our peace of mind by your chattering. Your generation would rather stick ear buds in their heads (even when no music or other audio is playing) than have a conversation with another human being. Your generation believes that using Twitter allows you to “participate” in societal discourse, when all any of you are getting is about two sentences’ worth of prattling that no one really cares about. You’re just getting ripped off, sonny.

I do think before I write. I think about dumb-ass Americans who degrade communication by using cliches like “proactive” (a nonsense word) and “whole new ball game” (which no self-respecting professional athlete would ever play for free because you need cash to buy pit bulls like Michael Vick did so he could watch them fight to the death and bet on the results). I think about an American “education” system that allows so many of its students to graduate without the ability to write, speak, and think critically, skeptically, and coherently. I think about having to work with and for people who have remained adolescent into their thirties, and who are incompetent, treacherous, mis- or uneducated, and as socially inept as four-year-olds. They can’t do their jobs, but they can sure stir up trouble for other people.