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Faux-Pas: The Sevigny Strategy.


paulGiving Hipsters the love and coke den they need.

Pabst drinkers and American Spirit smokers everywhere have been patiently awaiting Paul Sevigny’s next move. Since the uber-famous Beatrice Inn’s sad closure earlier this year, articles have been popping up bi-weekly of Sevigny’s possible investment in “The New ‘It’ Spot”.  Typically rumors, hipsters flock to these places regardless in hopes they will be the originators of the new scene.

Is this the latest form of PR? The latest rumor was a restaurant on Mulberry Street (an unlikely choice) until the better investigators realized he was not even in the country. Nevertheless it gave this spot (I refuse to aid in any more free publicity) a bucket full of reservations.  Small tip people, if you can make reservations at opentable.com and are not dialing in to a private number, you don’t have the cake.

What makes us so sure that Sevigny will succeed in founding something as amazing as his last prize?  Well I suppose if Chloe will be there, I will too.  Don’t judge me.

For now we’ll have to bask in our abundance of speakeasy’s and wait for the next best thing.  Unless this bum rushing spots at the end of reading an article is the new trend?  Hey it gives us some variety instead of the same smoke filled Tuesday nights.  I suppose this man’s on to something…

Quick bar and restaurant owners everywhere: send an anonymous tip to Gawker stating Sevigny is your new investor!

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  • I later heard the 21 Club. Paul where are thou?

  • He was spotted last night at the Oliver Zahm gallery opening last night. Back in the city! Keep your eyes and ear pealed!

  • Lord Nelson

    isn’t it great having a sexy, famous and cool sister???? lucky man, the brother… oh Chloe, Chloe, Chloe……I remember that’s how the Beatrice first launched. “oh, Chloe Sevigny’s brother is running this place, Beatrice…of course she is the owner…!!! ” who really knows, but it had a great run…!!!!

  • Grizzly

    Paul where are u? Please give meaning to our lives again.