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Britney Spears Lip-syncs Her Way Through.


spears‘How can I get paid without working?’

Welcome to another episode of Britney Spears Trying to Pull a Fast One. Spears, while performing on her current austrailian tour, was shocked by angry concert goers (who shelled out upwards of $200 to see Britney sing) who began to boo and walk out on the blonde diva after it became apparent that the golden girl known for her public relations stunts was lip syncing yet again on stage.

Reports news.com.au:

Among fans who walked out early was Amanda Hawlet, 22, who drove two hours and spent almost $500 on a weekend to see Britney.

She left only half an hour into the action, angry at the miming.

“I want my money back or I want her to sing properly,” she said. “The ticket cost me $200 and she lip-synced the whole thing.

“It’s cost me half a week’s wage and you’ve got bills to pay, but you look forward to this concert, it’s a night out – and what do you get? Nothing. It was a waste of $200 – I could have got four pairs of shoes for that.”

As of current press Britney remains holed up in her Perth hotel room, presumably counting all the money she was able to fleece out of unsuspecting concert goers.

The moral of the story- sometimes you get what you pay for— which in Britney’s case isn’t much, hype withstanding…

Britney Spears holed up in Perth hotel after concert shame