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Bloomberg’s a Billionaire but what about NY?



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In NYC there is no shortage of money.   Our problem is too few whales own too much of the wealth, and there is a shortage of spending.   NYC has many whales.  I call a whale someone who is very wealthy.  But where is the spending? What did Bernard Madoff support?  Or Donald Trump, or Ronald Lauder, or Mort Zuckerman, or, or, or… or Mr. Mayor Mike Bloomberg?

There is no Bloomberg hospital, or Bloomberg university, or Bloomberg library, or Bloomberg museum, or Bloomberg anything other than Bloomberg  Mr. Mayor the billionaire. Our Mr. Mayor, will spend whatever amount of money it takes to change the laws to suit his whims, and our Mr. Mayor, will spend 100 million dollars to make sure he remains Mr. Mayor.   These 100 million dollars is shoveled into the small number of pockets of the large corporate media machine.

What is interesting about Bloomberg, since becoming our Mr. Mayor, and even though he only takes a dollar a year salary as our Mr. Mayor, his personal wealth has almost doubled. First term his wealth was estimated at 7 billion dollars, end of second term, the estimate is 15.4 billion dollars.  Hmmm.  Funny I thought he was our Mr. Mayor.  I thought what was good for him was good for us right?  Yet NYC’s economy is tanking, and our Mr. Mayor’s wealth is multiplying faster than maggots on the carcass of recently killed abandoned animal. It makes me wonder, since there is only so much pork on the pig how come he has so much of it.  Again, it is not a shortage of money, it is just held that the wealth is being hoarded by fewer and fewer tight wads.  Greed is an uncontrollable disease brought on by a lust for money and power.

Congratulations Mike, enjoy your third term…

Mayor Bloomberg wants to let you know that politics is just a laughing matter.

Mike Bloomberg; Am I running for office or Despot when I spend $65 million dollars?

Bloomberg offers to fly you out of NYC if you are homeless.



  1. The rich rule the world. It is what it is.

    That said, Bloomberg has done a great job for NYC especially during war times.

    Stand strong NYC!

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