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Todd English and Jilted Bride in desperate need of book deal.


english copyWhen the fighting and bitching takes you to Hollywood.

Yummy, here comes the latest saga in society that’s been leaving lots of tongues wagging. Last time we checked, Erica Wang was the jilted bride at the altar whose horrible (very rich) groom to be suddenly dumped. It was a story that Wang was of course willing to parlay into a TV infomercial describing unrequited love lives and the audacious behavior of a certain ilk in society. Both NBC’s The Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America desperately wanted in the circus show called “Jilted LOVER” but because we all know English is much more loved and a heavier hitter in the social circuit the circus show was dropped. Or was it?

As of press time, Wang had voluntarily turned herself in to the local police precincts after she allegedly assaulted English (oopsy daisy) and knowing she is on the verge of some sort of book or movie deal Wang is hurriedly looking to clear her name and get back to the business of scolding that bastard who jilted her.

Falling in love is fun, its the falling out of love that is more fun…

Todd English’s Jilted Bride Turns Herself in on Assault Charges

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