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Heiress, Model and Now Author

Photography by Ricardo Garcia. Tana Chung and Beata Bohman.

She has a got a great pair of legs, a jewelry line, the Trump name and is a published author.  Ivanka Trump, 27 years old, wants to help women get the edge on how to succeed or rejuvenate their careers in these “trying” economic times.  Well, I’m writing because my hedge fund went out of business, so maybe I should pick up a copy and go through her “Bulletins from my Blackberry”. I could use some tips and a few million (if she wants to loan it to me).  A busy woman, Miss Trump is an Executive Vice President for her father’s company, model, jewelry designer/owner, TV Personality on occasion, involved with charities and writer.  When does she find time to unwind?  I guess that’s why you have a book launch with booze…


Mauro Maccioni.

To celebrate the launch it was Trump all the way.  Launching her book in the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue and 56th, OLD and young alike (let’s face it, we weren’t surrounded by the youngest crowd, but David Patrick Columbia’s New York Social Diary would have had a blast!!!…) drank Trump Vodka and enjoyed appetizers from Le Cirque (compliments to Mauro Maccioni, food bites extraordinaire..!!)  Ivanka was swarmed by photographers and admirers as copies of her new book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life, were being sold.  Her family attended as well with the The Donald in his usual swanky manner (maybe I should have asked Donald for a loan…)  Crowded in the lower atrium of her daddy’s building we mingled with the old guard and a few stray cats as we tasted the bites, had a couple glasses of red wine, took some photos and later shoved off with our white goodie bags (which I misplaced later that evening, wonder if I can get another….)

Mauro Maccioni, Maria Eerolainen, Sean Campbell.