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When a Stud gets more than what he bargained for.


stud-gets-moreIt’s always fun until the hoopla turns up ….

We read with intrigue in this morning’s NY Post about the latest saga concerning sex actor and too good looking to be true – Jude Law and his 9.2 minute tryst with model wannabe Samantha Burke who is just about to give birth to a child that came about after their indiscrete affair. 

In today’s ongoing saga (last time we checked it was Samantha running around telling the world that Jude still loves her and she’d love him more if only he stopped sleeping with other girls now that they are about to have a child together and of course her concern that Jude may shirk on his fatherly responsibilities) Samantha is reportedly to give birth the same weekend that Jude’s run as Hamlet kicks off at the Broadhurst theater here in NY. Of course that’s just the beginning because Samantha also wants to make sure that she can get to tell the world over and over how much she still loves Jude (or is it the other way?) for a modest fee. What fee? Oh, 200 hundred thousand dollars if she can help it.

So while Jude will be up on stage wondering about whether to be or not to be, Samantha will ‘be’ selling her story and telling the world how much she still loves Jude and that things could always be better if he didn’t sleep around so much.

What’s the moral of the story?

Jude, the moral of the story is to always carry condoms in your pocket so you don’t have to deal with crap like this. Have fun…

Baby-stepping on Law’s lines

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