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Interesting Trends currently observed in Brooklyn.


nudeWhen the freak show gets traction you can’t help but notice…

ACCORDING to Gawker there are nude freaks running around naked in Williamsburg. Could this be a sign of mental fatigue, kicks or just a plain good old laugh? That said we decided to have a think to ourselves and come up with our particular weird observations in Brooklyn.

1/ People in Brooklyn, particularly Williamsburg are being less ironical. We are not sure what that means, whether it’s the change in weather or a hangover. But it kind of scares us – Brooklyn with no irony feels like the Bronx with a hangover…

2/ It costs just as much to live in Brooklyn as it does Manhattan. Well, the cool parts of Brooklyn anyway…

3/ People who normally spend time in Manhattan are coming over to Brooklyn to hang out on the weekends…

4/ The G train never ever runs on time.

5/ Hasidic Jews actually now smile back at you when you look at them.

6/ There is less crack dealing on the streets now.

7/ There are more films being made here.

8/ Gawker is making less fun of Brooklyn and in a round a bout way kind of digs it.

9/ More fashionistas have been seen actually dining out here.

10/ People don’t cringe anymore when you tell them you live in Brooklyn.

Nudes Running the Streets of Williamsburg

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