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Diego Binetti: The King of Fashion.


Diego Binetti.


Diego: It’s interesting, in London the designer’s are known for their avant garde designs, in Paris for their flair and appreciation of the classics but in ITALY you have this thing where the designer really has a finite appreciation of the textiles he is working with. He comes to respect the properties, what each material is capable of and frankly the textile industry and craftsmanship is unsurpassable…


SCV: This makes me wonder then- in order to be a good designer how important is it to have a finite understanding of the materials you are working with?


Diego: It’s very beneficial but the truth is you also need imagination, harmony and a creative vision from which to take the tailoring process. I think I was also very fortunate whilst I was in Italy I got involved in styling as well and this really helped put the whole process of design and package together. Because now I could begin to appreciate how the pieces could work in the wind, in the public arena so to speak…


SCV: And…?


Diego: This of course then led to a chance for me to make accessories and I think this was the union that was necessary for my personal evolution of how to make not just a dress but a look, no a statement, the feeling that we can never describe but what we always want to have….Do you understand what I mean?


SCV: I’m curious more than enough what in your opinion makes a good designer? There are so many out there but only so few enter the public’s hearts? Why?


Diego: It’s courage. You know to be a designer is to be an artist but more importantly it’s about being a visionary who is committed to their vision, and for this you always need courage. With courage you can fly…’you can create magic in the air.’


SCV: But how does this translate into the public’s imagination?


Diego: Because when people put on your clothes they feel your passion, your soul. There is no denying this. Even the models will tell me they get the chills when they wear my pieces, it becomes their second skin. To hear this sets me on fire. To know that they can feel the ferocity, your love the dedication – it’s so important…

Ada Lee, model and Marion Hourcq



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