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Diego Binetti: The King of Fashion.


Diego Binetti.


SCV: You say you like to design in nature how does this work?


Diego: For me I always want to re find myself in a completely new setting. Once we become too familiar with our terrain we lose the sensitivity of it, the newness of it, and I think it’s in this environment I always come up with some of my best ideas. For example in November I will go to Vietnam where I have never been before to draw inspiration for the winter 2011 collections.


SCV: Talking of inspirations- who inspires you?


Diego: The designer Ertes. He was around in the 1920’s. He was so ahead of his time. A pure genius, you really feel the wind, the air in his clothes and the romance…


I also very much enjoy Vionet who was around in the 1800’s – the wit is amazing…Also I very much enjoyed when Franco Moscino was around- the sartorial playful energy was so amazing. Of course other greats for me include – Comme des Garcons, Dries Van Noten and Yohji Yammamoto.


SCV: Thank you. 


As I exit with our photographer Arthur Eisenberg we can’t help but both feel that we have just had the privilege of musing with the one of fashion’s all time great. To be abrupt we are both mesmerized and completely charmed and it isn’t until we are slowly descending in the elevator back to Earth that we  realize we have just met the next king of Fashion- Diego Binetti.











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