Home Scandal and Gossip Rush Limbaugh has some advice next time you break your wrist.

Rush Limbaugh has some advice next time you break your wrist.


rush-limbaughWhen ‘idiots’ are allowed free reign on the airwaves.


We listened with amusement and horror when a concerned caller to the Rush Limbaugh Fascist show placed a call expressing concerns about current health care costs. When the caller then reveals to Rush that he is now dealing with a $6000 bill for having broken his wrist Rush responds with the type of know how and sensibility only designed for a sensitive rapist- ‘Oh gees, you shouldn’t have broken your wrist.’

In any event we are glad we finally worked out quick and fast what Rush’s optimal health care policy is – “Never ever get sick, fall of a chair, age, accidentally have a car accident, give birth, have your tonsils taken out, nor your wisdom teeth, ever have a head ache, a mental breakdown and other inconvenient ailments that might cost business such as a heart attack, cancer or some other type of disease you should know better to avoid.”

That said, we think Rush might agree to you having a cough from time to time or even a cut finger but only if it was cut while you were doing something patriotic for your country.

Limbaugh tells caller who can’t afford $6,000 to treat broken wrist: “Well, you shouldn’t have broken your wrist”

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  • al

    I long for the day when Republicans hold this idiot responsible for crashing their party.