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Alabama girl, 7, sells lemonade to fund her own brain surgeries: I hope I make it

liza scott brain surgery
Liza Scott brain surgery: Alabama girl, 7, sets up a lemonade stand to fund her own life or death surgery.
liza scott brain surgery
Liza Scott brain surgery: Alabama girl, 7, sets up a lemonade stand to fund her own life or death surgery.

Liza Scott lemonade stand. Alabama girl, 7, sells lemonade from her mom’s bakery in Homewood to fund her own brain surgery. Failure of America’s profit for healthcare industry. 

‘I hope I can make it’. These are the words a seven year old Alabama girl uttered as she took to setting up a lemonade stand at her mom’s bakery in a bid to pay for her own brain surgeries after she was diagnosed with multiple cerebral malformations earlier this month.

Liza Scott, 7, started selling ‘homemade lemonade’ at Savage’s Bakery in Homewood, Alabama, along with cookies and candy canes to drum up funds for her life-saving treatment. 

The little girl was diagnosed this month with three rare cerebral malformations – an irregularity of the brain – after she suffered a seizure back in January.

Liza is set to undergo the first of multiple brain surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital in March as she said ‘I hope I make it’ but admitted ‘I feel like I’ll not’ CBS42 reports.

Liza’s mom Elizabeth, who is co-owner of Savage’s Bakery, said the family’s life has been ‘turned upside down’ ever since doctors learned her daughter has the rare condition.  

Saving her own life at only 25 for a cup of lemonade and a dollar for a cookie: But what about the health care industry? What are they selling their services for? 

Liza set up the lemonade stand inside the neighborhood bakery so she could sell her sweet creations, with all proceeds from each glass going toward her upcoming brain surgeries.  

Making lemonade and selling it to the local community was already one of the seven-year-old’s ‘favorite things to do’, according to a MightyCause page set up to for donations for her treatment. 

‘If there is anyone who can take lemons and make it to the most amazing Lemonade ever, it is Liza,’ the page, set up by Elizabeth, reads.

‘Selling lemonade (and other special treats) is one of her favorite things to do.’

Elizabeth said her daughter’s love for lemonade has ‘inspired this next journey’ as they prepare for the ‘unimaginable’ road ahead. 

‘From the start Liza has taken the lemons thrown her way and shown us all that adding a little Zest to life is what making Lemonade is all about,’ she wrote. 

Liza told News 19 she is scared she won’t survive her first round of surgery next month.

 Alabama girl, 7, sells lemonade to fund brain surgery
Liza Scott brain surgery: Pictured, Alabama girl, 7 year old girl and her mom, Elizabeth.

‘I hope I make it,’

‘I can’t handle it. So, I hope I make it,’ Liza told the outlet. ‘My mom keeps saying I’m going to, but I feel like I’m not.’ 

Liza first suffered a Grand Mal seizure – where the individual loses consciousness and suffers violent muscle contractions – on January 30 the dailymail reports.

After weeks of tests, neurologists and neurosurgeons at the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham discovered that Liza has an ‘extra special’ brain with three cerebral malformations.

The malformations are rare and even rarer for an individual to have more than one, Elizabeth said. 

‘In most every instance of these rare malformations doctors only see one malformation – in Liza’s case she has 3 – the first a Schizencephaly (or cleft) — the second a Parietal Arteriovenous Malformation – or AVM (You and I know it as an aneurysm) – and lastly, a Dural Arteriovenous Fistula (DAVM) – or very rare vascular condition where abnormal connections (fistulas) are made between branches of arteries and veins,’ she wrote. 

The malformations require immediate treatment to prevent Liza suffering further seizures, haemorrhages or even a stroke.

liza scott brain surgery
Liza Scott brain surgery. Pictured, seven year old Alabama girl forced to self fund her own life saving operations.

‘I’m on my hands and knees, literally, praying.’

Liza’s mother, Elizabeth told News 19 the ‘world has turned upside down’ since her daughter’s sudden illness and said she is looking to her faith as they travel to Boston for Liza’s first operation next week. 

‘You know, in the moments that I feel like I can’t breathe, or I’m awake in the night and I can’t sleep, I pray,’ she said. 

‘I’m on my hands and knees, literally, praying.’

Elizabeth said she has taken out extra insurance to pay for her daughter’s surgeries but the treatment will mean several weeks of staying in hotels away from home for each surgery. 

Travel and accommodation costs and extra medical expenses have already set her back almost $10,000, she said, which as a single mom of two is ‘not something you can budget for.’

Local residents are supporting Liza by buying glasses of her homemade creation while donations to the MightyCause page had generated $158,368 come Saturday afternoon. 

Reiterates Liza’s mom, ‘I’m on my hands and knees, literally, praying.’
Also praying is a seven year old girl, whose family has been forced to appeal to the public as America’s healthcare forsakes its own for vast profits.