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Kate and Jon Gosselin- Where did the love go?


kate-and-jon-gosselinWhen a reality show isn’t fun anymore…


How much would you be willing to be paid a week to live life in complete misery? A thousand? Five thousand? How about ten thousand? Of course not- right? What if though you were being paid $35 000 a week, well then it just might be worth it. Or maybe not.

In any event this kind of sums up the fun and games that Kate and Jon Gosselin once the picture perfect happy couple made for eternal TV plus their wonderful 8 kids. Well now that their marriage is going up in flames and coincidentally causing the ‘Learning Channel’ (you have to love the irony here- ‘learning’ indeed…) to have it’s most amazing ratings.

Well according to US mag the fun factor went up a few notches when Kate ‘dropped by’ whilst it was Jon’s turn to take care of the kids (the couple are now estranged and are living separately) because she didn’t like the ‘baby sitter.’ Although Kate’s sudden arrival didn’t become a physical love fest (there are after all photographers who surround the Gosselin home night and day now…more fun to the miserable factor) it did lead to some hot words being said and yes you guessed it- the police being called over.

In any event, Kate was locked out of the house and was seen turning up wearing big sunglasses in the middle of the night at a local Days inn. Without the kids, without Jon and one would also suppose the baby sitter.

Oh well, when you can not get paid enough to be miserable and on live TV as well.

Police called to Gosselin home

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  • claire

    true… frightening and sad …though the more times I see Jon on the covers of gossip mags the more I start thinking he’s sort of hot… in that you’re so familiar but I like it way…