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Jenna Bush takes her turn at Nepotism. Gets a start on ‘The Today Show,’


jenna-bushFollowing a family tradition…


Does talent precede success or does just plain nepotism? It seems to be the question on our minds this morning as we find out through Gawker that the 27 year old school teacher from Baltimore has suddenly been promoted to guest anchor. Interesting…

So what will Jenna do you ask? Will she twiddle her thumbs and giggle, read children’s books alongside Matt Lauer, exchange gossip with Meredith Viera or will she from time to time bring dad on the show and wonder about the good old times when the country was first getting ready to go to war and compromise your liberties? Nope, that would be too much, it seems the producers (who obviously need to be shot) have decided once a month Jenna will contribute segment pieces on education. Education…what could Jenna possibly educate us?

In any way it’s a farce and one has to wonder what this all means to the quality of journalism and all those other qualified journalists who have been relegated to writing about what color Britney Spears vomit is.

Anyway, we’ve been told that Jenna is kind of nice (well nicer than daddy), is cute and has a legacy to follow. Perhaps she’ll get shit faced one day and let us on some secrets. More than likely she’ll just sit there, gloat, take cues like her dad used to and hope for the best.

When hiring big name ticket items is the only way to ensure an audience or just an inside joke we aren’t in on yet.

Meet Your New Today Show Anchor: Jenna Bush

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