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Celebrity Chris Brown really screws up.


celebrity-chris-brownWhen the law finally catches up to you.


Welcome to the very unhappy next 5 years of celebrity Chris Brown’s life, where the singer endured a humiliating array of punishment for his less than stellar behavior. Behavior which finally caught up with and will more than likely see him ducking his head as he sets forward to the fun details of his 6 month ‘1400 community service agenda.’

“Wow, is that Chris Brown scrubbing the side of the street? Quick pass me the camera I want to put this on facebook.”

From reports of breaking ex girlfriend Rihanna’s car window, slamming her into the wall and finally the savage beating he gave her Brown will have a lot to mull over as he begins his punishment (which the judge also made sure to include hard labor- yummy, right?) as he is also sanctioned to keep 50 yards from her until 2014.

Perhaps his fame and celebrity status gave him a false sense of security and impunity as he misbehaved or it could also be argued that he would have had the same anger issues fame or otherwise. Of course one can argue watching the money, fame and yourself on page 6 after a while blinds you to the day to day agonies and incongruities us mere mortals have to contend with. In any event the young man will have a lot to think about, especially whilst attending court mandated anger management issues.

Celebrities can sometimes get away with misbehaving but sometimes they can’t either. Ouch!

Chris Brown Sentencing Reveals International Brawls with Rihanna

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  1. Community Service is “The law catching up to you” ?

    He’d get 5+ years in jail if he wasn’t rich…

    What a steaming load.

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