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What happened to Kate Moss’ coke bag?


kate-moss-coke-bagWhen important things go missing…


Out of the UK’s version of trash recap the Daily Mail comes a salacious tale of missing coke bags, celebrity get togethers and the things people can’t seem to live without.

According to Fielder CivilAmy Winehouse’s ex husband (reportedly sent back to rehab after failing a drug test- oh well…) Amy once took a couple of baggies out of Kate’s hand bag when they were all partying. The fun part of course was that Kate didn’t even notice. Take that Kate!

In any event isn’t good to know if you make it to celebrity status you can then spend more money on the things you love or can’t do without while the world spends more money and attention on you.

Coke and other nasty habits make the world go round until, well they eventually don’t. Celebrity status preferred or at least a striking profile…

Amy Winehouse ‘stole cocaine from Kate Moss’s handbag’

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