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What is it with paparazzi photographers with pony tails?


paparazziIs it a mid life crises or just a feeble attempt to mimic the onstage antics

We’ve been noticing lately on assignment an increasing contingent of paparazzi photographers who when huddling like overzealous bee moths waiting for their prey can be easily distinguished by the number of apparent pony tails on display.

We don’t know whether it’s a fashion trend currently in vogue only for paparazzi photographers, a prank they like to pull on themselves or simply a mid life crises that needs to come to a close,

As much as we are part of the paparazzi ourselves we do think that not drawing undue attention (the craft itself is miserable) to ourselves sometimes goes a long way

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  • As you know, I encountered this breed of baseness at the Designing Women’s Gala. Ick. Thank god for the great photographers we work with! True art.

  • It’s true, just about every event they’re out there. I think I’m going to bring a pair of scissors next we head out…

  • claire

    I have seen it.

    and almost gotten hit by it tossing it behind his head.

  • Les

    The first thought that comes to mind is that they think they’re artists as opposed to hacks who do nothing but harass people. A real photographer is an artist, these guys are lame wannabes after any shot that can make them money. I say this because I tend to associate pony tails, more eccentric fashion choices with artistic personalities.