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Late Night TV Charades- Do you really care?


conan_obrienGood bye Leno, suck on this Letterman and Conan O’Brien is making me fall asleep

Oh well, what are we to make of the musical charades currently in play on your TV. On one hand we have Jay Leno put out to pasture, David Letterman apologizing for the very thing that got him to where he is in the first place (his wit and subversive humor) and now that whoever Conan O’ Brien replaced is making sure the new “Tonight show,” is going exactly where we think all overpaid comedians and network spokes models (let’s face it all they do is pitch the same commercial doctrine and movie release and crass jokes that mean nothing to me and you…) are going, that’s right, straight down the toilet

If you ask us the rating’s would probably surge if you put someone like Bill O’ Reilly who even though he is a fool and a ‘jack ass,’ knows he’s a fool and a jack ass unlike all the other late night hosts who are taking themselves far too seriously and forcing us into a comatose drone.

NBC Shrugs off Conan Crash

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