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OJ Simpson- more disgrace and the new ex girlfriend…


oj_simpsonFrom coke, abuse, and sleaze comes more intrigue about a fallen hero.

How delicious it must be to the damaged ex girlfriend of ‘bad boy’ OJ Simpson. So damaged, the nubile blond waitress who took on the legend has decided to cash in and reveal the ‘goodies,’ on life with OJ. From sleaze, coke, abuse , manic depressive behavior and other savory exemplary traits that come with being the ex football star’s love interest.

Now that Christine Prody has purged her soul, and one imagines her checkbook (she writes that the legend offered no financial support what so ever- the audacity say we…) we wonder if this is the final nail on the coffin for OJ?

Then again, who really cares, how much can a fallen hero inspire a collective trying to find their own self redemption, especially that of an ex waitress..?