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If I don’t have any money to gamble with is that because I truly must be in a recession?


rouletteYou know times are a tough for die hard gamblers when they can’t find money to place the occasional bet, take the occasional ride down to Atlantic City. Please bring the good old days.

The irony about being a gamble is that the law of probabilities will state over time the house, that is the casino will always take your money from your pocket. You would think this should’ve concerned casino’s , cause after their customers have lost everything to them there’s nothing else to lose. Well, that’s not exactly true, ‘cause in a buoyant economy a gambler will always get a job if he has to so he can come back and lose more money or better still hit up one of his friends, which he no longer can ‘cause they’re broke.

Seems like owning a casino house is a win win situation except when the economy tips the scales in it’s favor. If only we could fix that bet….

Atlantic City shows gambling isn’t recession-proof

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