Husband sends wife spreadsheet detailing sex life marriage. Misery ensues


A sex deprived husband has sent his wife a spreadsheet documenting their sex(less) life marriage. The spreadsheet which was divided by attempt numbers, date of attempt, sex or not gained, and excuses offered for no sex came to be shared by reddit user throwwwwaway29 who as it turned out also happened to be the wife in question. […]

The most fxcked up break up letter has finally arrived in your email in box….


Kids there’s nothing worse than being ruefully dumped by a lover/boyfriend/girlfriend. Especially when you least expect it. Especially via email (although I hear text is pretty popular too). That said this morning I received the following break up note from one of my female friends who shall remain nameless. To say that I was completely […]

Man stabs girlfriend to death on balcony in front of terrified neighbors, because she refused to have sex.

Barricaded perp 1835 Needham Ave Bronx

Neighbors looked on while Frederick Mendez, a pilot, and Terenace Williams, a nurse, bickered on their balcony.  Mendez and Williams were no George and Martha, though; they had a history of fighting, but this one—Mendez wanted to have sex; Williams didn’t– proved fatal. New York Daily News: “When the argument started, everyone came outside,” said neighbor […]

Divorce leaves women poorer men lonelier….


Fifty years ago, the mere mention of divorce would leave many women distraught and reevaluating their lives. Oh my, how times have changed. Nowadays, many couples enter marriage already thinking about the possibility of a divorce, hence the pre-nup. It was actually Britney Spears who enlightened me on this not so little legal document. If […]

Can anyone find me a wife? The dilemma of ugly men.


Can anyone find me a wife? Getting married as you can imagine is a major milestone in most people’s lives. It proffers status, respect, companionship, regular sex (so I have been told) and of course it’s what you do when you finally come across your soulmate. That said, it’s time to meet Paul ‘Handsome Paul’ […]

Why women cheat and why men cheat are not the same reasons…


Have you ever been cheated on?  I haven’t (well at least not to my knowledge) but I’ve definitely had my insecure moments.  I found myself particularly curious about the touchy subject only last week when I received a last minute invite to see Chris Rock make his Broadway debut in The Motherfucker with the Hat. It […]

Heaux Confessionals: How I broke my last male lover in…


From Berlin with calculated love….The Editor. And it’s not like I have not heard this line before… “I’ve never slept with a black man before.” But somehow, in Turkey, I feel more of a need to bring them into the black fold, so to speak. And since I narrowly missed a sexcapade with a beautiful […]

The perfect boyfriend checklist- do you make the cut?


I’ll be honest- I just don’t think I make a good boyfriend to most women out there- and it’s not for the most obvious reasons that you would think (yes- I tend to be loyal, believe it or not). For one I’m messy- extremely messy, I hate shopping, I’m selfish, I ‘m prone to looking […]

American Apparel wants to let you know you need to be photogenic before they hire you.


How to stay employed in the fashion industry. According to Gawker who have a hard on for American Apparel and its brass- Dov Charney, a potential employee and for that matter current employees don’t have much of a chance of remaining employed by the retailer if they are not judged by a nameless source (at […]

How to survive as a call boy.

"Why you want in? I could always set you up with one of Marcia's society friends. You'd have to be discreet, be clever, charming all that stuff."

Trevor(not his real name) is sitting there waiting for the phone to ring. He’s suppose to go out on a ‘society date’ with one of his sponsors (as he likes to call him) but the fact of the matter is he’s already tentatively committed to going out with one of his other sponsors, Marcia (not […]