Here’s Brad Pitt playing dress up for Interview Magazine. Which image do you like?


Brad Pitt as photographed by Steven Klein

Brad Pitt is no matter how you cut it an actor’s actor and he proves this again by pulling off a variety of looks that few actors could pull off convincingly. In the current November spread for Interview magazine the actor is featured in an interview with Guy Ritchie, yet the real gem is the many looks that the actor manages to pull off.

From Puerto Rican latin lothario, a stoned mobster, a Rastafarian (yes), him looking like a stoic recluse with matching leather eye patch and even him playing the charismatic sleazy pimp that we can never resist (well as long as they are as good looking and mercurial as Brad). That said fawn over the images and like me please be sure to put the tissue paper away once you have climaxed reflected to relief….



  • Hollly

    Hot Damn! They all look good, though the one with the longer hair is my favorite.