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Brad Pitt’s mother writes ‘delightful’ anti gay letter about why she can’t stand gays.

Bill Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jane Pitt and Brad Pitt. Image via celebitchy


Bill Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jane Pitt and Brad Pitt. Image via celebitchy

Brad Pitt‘s mother, Jane Pitt today finds herself in the center of controversy after a letter she wrote to her hometown paper, the Springfield New-Leader essentially condemning gay marriage and pro abortionists has made it front row in the national press.

Wrote the outspoken mother of one of America’s most liberal activists and Hollywood star, Brad Pitt:

‘Any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon.’

The letter itself was written in response to another reader’s published letter urging voters to shut our Republican candidate, Mitt Romneyof his religion.

Identifying herself as a Christian (who differs) with the Mormon faith (she’s not necessarily sold on Mormons either but she’ll accept her man Romney cause at least he has the good sense to share Christian values concerning homosexuality), Jane Pitt goes on to write:

‘any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama – a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.’

Of course what’s interesting about Jane Pitt’s rant about same sex marriage is her son’s often publicly contended point of view that he and his long time partner Angelina Jolie would not marry until same sex marriage was approved in California. Nevertheless the actor has gone on to propose to Jolie without any such laws being enacted (coincidence you now wonder?).

Of course all of the above may not be an open secret to Brad Pitt who by now must be used to his mother rigorously asserting her values and thoughts (really I thought writing letters to local publishers was an extinct art form but I must say that alone impresses me even if the message doesn’t sit too well with me…) if one explores previous references he has made about mom.

Telling the Hollywood reporter last January, Brad offered the following:

“She’s very, very loving — very open, genuine, and it’s hilarious because she always gets painted in the tabloids as a she-devil. There’s not an ounce of malice in her. She wants everyone to be happy.”

Bixch She devil? Hmm. Oh well, never mind Brad. You mom might be a right wing zealot from hell who at the end of the day means well and wouldn’t think twice about pushing a gay married couple out of a moving vehicle but hey I got a crazy cousin, called Jimmy too who from time to time can’t help embarrassing us when we all head out for the family Thanksgiving dinner and in great detail likes to describe how he likes to pick up young hot male models (preferably German ones) and force them to take pictures of him licking their boots. But at least Jimmy has the decency to wait until after dessert has been served before he opens his gab, which serves to remind me, next time I see him I might suggest him  writing a well thought out letter to a local publisher which in the end may be more cathartic. Right Jane? Oh vey, family, can’t live with them, can’t live without them….

But seriously:

I know Brad, it’s a drag, but at least ‘mom’ got something off her chest and got us thinking about how terribly uncivilized living in America really is. But then again would anyone have really flinched save for the fact that ‘Jane’ happens to be a movie star’s mom…? Then again I am curious what the ex gardener thinks….?



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