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Kansas City Chiefs fan girlfriend says boyfriend was murdered, wasn’t druggie

David Harrington Kansas City Chiefs fan, girlfriend, Lorie Kruse
David Harrington Kansas City Chiefs fan, girlfriend, Lorie Kruse says she believes her boyfriend was murdered and wasn't a drug addict.
David Harrington Kansas City Chiefs fan, girlfriend, Lorie Kruse
David Harrington Kansas City Chiefs fan, girlfriend, Lorie Kruse says she believes her boyfriend was murdered and wasn’t a drug addict.

David Harrington Kansas City Chiefs fan girlfriend, Lorie Kruse says boyfriend was murdered, wasn’t druggie as authorities await autopsy and toxicology reports as house host, Jordan Willis where three men’s frozen bodies were found continues to maintain his innocence. How drugs tainted with fentanyl may have led to the demise of 3 men. 

The girlfriend of one of the three Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead after a football watch party said he was not a drug abuser — while stating that she now believes her boyfriend was ‘murdered.’

Lorie Kruse’s boyfriend David Harrington, 37, was found frozen to death outside Jordan Willis’ rental house in Kansas City alongside Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, on Jan. 9.

Though police have said the case is not being investigated as a homicide and no foul play is suspected, Kruse is adamant that Harrington, her boyfriend of 17 years, was killed.

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‘David was murdered,’ she said in an interview with NewsNation. ‘Those three guys were murdered.’

‘It does not make any sense to have three men dead, laying in the yard and [Jordan] asleep for 48 hours.’

Willis’ lawyer previously said his client had been ‘asleep on the couch’ near a loud fan while wearing noise-canceling headphones for nearly two days and didn’t learn about their deaths until a welfare check at the home.

Harrington, Kruse believes, must have been ‘caught in the wrong place at the wrong time’ while admitting she doesn’t know ‘what’s going to come up’ as the probe into the mystery deaths continues. 

“I don’t know if Jordan gave them something like they’re talking about,’ the girlfriend said. ‘David wasn’t a drug addict like they’re talking about.’

She also said that despite the party being described as a gathering of friends, she had never heard Harrington talk in-depth about Willis.

‘I have heard of Jordan before. I’ve never met him. I’ve heard a lot of terrible things about him,’ Kruse said.

‘I don’t know the truth in it … David’s never had a conversation about Jordan. I’ve heard the name Jordan when he’s talking to his friends … I don’t think I’ve ever heard any stories about Jordan at all.’

She told Newsnation that Willis was ‘on drugs,’ but did not elaborate on what she meant by that.

In the days since the three fans deaths, there has been ramped up speculation that the three friends’ deaths may be drug-related, with the trio potentially falling pray to the new phenomenon of fentanyl being mixed into narcotics, leading to users unknowingly consuming the often fatal opioid increasingly tainted with street drugs.

Tainted street drugs, with fentanyl may have led to the three men almost immediately overdosing on the potent cocktail mix — which might explain why the men were found deceased in the yard without their coats on, after being caught off guard unawares and without notice. 

Jordan Willis and 3 deceased, Kansas City Chiefs fans
Pictured, Jordan Willis and 3 deceased, Kansas City Chiefs fans, David Harrington, Ricky Johnson and Clayton McGeeney.

Fentanyl overdose deaths — particularly accidental fentanyl overdoses — have become increasingly common in the U.S. in recent years. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says a fatal dose of fentanyl is small enough to fit on the tip of a pencil.

Nevertheless Kruse remained adamant that Harrington didn’t use drugs (perhaps not in front of her…?) and that something more malicious happened to the trio.

‘David didn’t do stuff like that,’ Kruse said. ‘… Maybe they did take something because they were drinking. But I know David wouldn’t have took it.

‘We just had a talk with my kids about not doing drugs and how fentanyl was coming on the news all the time,’ she added.

Harrington would have ‘walked’ the mile home ‘if he was cold’ or was big enough to ‘break through the window’ or gone to warm up in his car.

‘He was a good guy. Very good guy,’ she told NewsNation. ‘He went to church with us. He coached my son’s baseball team.’

The controversy has once again reignited speculation that Jordan Willis is complicit in the three men’s deaths, albeit at the very least hiding ‘inconvenient’ information – this despite police continuing to maintain that the investigation into the deaths was not a homicide.

During a weekend interview with the mother of one of the three dead mom, Jennifer Marquez, David Harrington’s mother, suggested Jordan Willis was  complicit in her son’s death along with the deaths of the other two fans.

‘I believe that Jordan does know what happened and that he should come forward to the police, cause he does know what happened that night,’ Marquez told Newsnation. 

Adding, ‘He was there, he was the last one alive.’

‘He’s the only one who can tell us and give all of our families some peace.’

Willis’ father Rodney Willis has staunchly stood by his son, insisting that his son ‘would never in a million years do anything,’ and that his family was grieving along with the victims’ loved ones.

‘These were all good friends of his, these were all people he went to school with and he took them to a football game the day before for the Chiefs,’ he told the nypost.

The families are waiting on a toxicology report, but ‘it doesn’t matter what the autopsy said,’ Kruse told Newsnation.

‘That’s what people are forgetting here. We have three guys, we have six children that don’t have a dad. We have families, we have friends, and we’re all hurting.’