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Overcome Stage Fright And Sing Better Live

sing better live
How to overcome stage fright and sing better live in front of an audience.
sing better live
How to overcome stage fright and sing better live in front of an audience.

How to overcome stage fright and sing better live. How a performer can find their confidence, overcome their nerves and improve their skill set. 

For many people, music is never better than when it is performed live. Seeing an artist live can be a far more intense experience than listening to recorded music. Yet, many artists struggle to perform live due to stage fright. 

Singers from Adele to rocker Ozzy Osbourne have suffered from stage fright during their careers. Live performances though are vital for professional singers.

The good news is, the people at Singing Success say that stage fright can be overcome, and vocal performance improved too. 

How does singing in front of a crowd impact a singer?

Performing in front of an audience can bring on more than just an attack of nerves. Public performance can literally cause a person to lose their voice.

Once someone is on stage, the stress and anxiety can make it almost impossible for some people to speak up or sing. In fact, it’s extremely common for people to have this kind of fear. Around 73% of the population suffers from stage fright. 

The performing arts improve mental health, but for some people, taking to the stage can be debilitating. Sweats, dry mouth, blurry vision, and increased heartbeat, are just a few of the physical effects of stage fright.

For a singer, vocal cords will remain tight, and they will be unable to hit their natural pitch and range. In short, a singer will not perform to their best ability.

What are the benefits of improving your singing for an audience?

Some singers might never get over stage fright, or decide performing live isn’t important enough to pursue ways to overcome it. But, performing live brings a number of benefits.

  • Boosts confidence
  • Improvisation skills
  • Improves creative thinking
  • Can enhance teamwork skills
  • Better career options

As a singer gets better at performing live, their stature will grow and their shows will improve. A singer’s confidence will grow and they will find themselves being able to improvise and adapt to the moment.  

sing better live
How to overcome stage fright and sing better live in front of an audience.

How to get better at singing for a crowd?

What are the methods used by singers to reduce the features of stage fright? Well, there are numerous ways to reduce nerves and relax. And no doubt, many professional singers have their little routines before a stage performance.

But, here are a few things that you can introduce or try to help you to enjoy singing live more.

Use a vocal coach or singing teacher

Vocal coaches help singers to improve their voices in general. A coach will help a singer improve their pitch, increase their range, and master new skills such as vibrato. 

However, vocal coaches very often have their own history of performing, and their experience can be invaluable. Therefore, a vocal coach might help not only to make your singing voice sound better, but assist you with getting past your stage fright too.

Start connecting with your audience

This isn’t something that can happen overnight, and it takes some performers years to achieve. But, when you connect with your audience you will feel far more confident on stage. 

Practice singing in front of family and friends, and remember to keep eye contact and smile. This connection will come more naturally the more you practice and perform.

Think and be positive

Everyone has negative thoughts on occasion, but they can be banished. Try to block out negative thoughts and only concentrate on the positives. Picture being on stage in front of a crowd. Now imagine the audience smiling and enjoying themselves.

If you’re talented enough, then maybe one day you will need to know how to prepare for a tour. One more tip; dress in a way that feels good. If you are comfortable then you will feel more confident.

Try yoga to reduce stress

Stage fright doesn’t only manifest in the time before a performance. The fear of getting on stage can cause many a sleepless night, and raise stress levels.

overcome stage fright
Ways to Overcome Stage Fright And Sing Better Live

Regular yoga sessions will reduce daytime stress hormone levels, and increase your ability to deal with stage fright.

Reduce your caffeine and sugar intake

You will need to take in energy before a performance, but this is best done through a sensible balanced meal a few hours ahead. Caffeine and sugar will give you a short-term boost. The after-effects will impact your singing and performance.

Caffeine is linked to increased levels of stress, and sugar with anxiety. Small amounts of each will give a boost, but once the sugar rush has gone, you will be left feeling lethargic. 

Exercise regularly

You can also reduce stress through exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn help to lower feelings of stress. And exercise also brings other benefits to singers.

Cardio will help to improve lung strength and increase energy for stage performance. Exercise helps with strengthening and toning muscles too. Improved self-image will boost your confidence.


When a singer enjoys themselves, the music will sound better, and the audience will feel it. This is the power of live music, and why so many performers work to get over stage fright. 

Working with a vocal coach who understands what it means to get on stage will help you to showcase your voice to a live audience.