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How to Plan for Music Tours in 2022

music tours
How recording artists should plan for music tours in 2022. Stock image.
music tours
How recording artists should plan for music tours in 2022. Stock image.

How recording artists should plan for music tours in 2022. Harnessing the internet, hybrid concerts, ticketing options, contract negotiations and calculated travel. 

With Covid vaccination rates increasing over the world, it’s becoming safer to travel and spend time with people, thus many musicians are embarking on long-awaited tours. While some musicians jumped right into 2021 with a tour, many are opting for 2022 instead.

Several performers’ postponed tours will eventually take place in the new year, some after several attempts at rescheduling, as well as some brand-new tours. Best of all, we already know that more musicians will announce tours for 2022 in the following months, making it one of the most exciting years for music lovers to return to live performances.

Taking your music on the road is a fantastic way to reach new audiences, see the world, and hopefully have a fantastic adventure — but any touring veteran will tell you that it isn’t as simple as it appears. It’s no secret that touring is important for musicians these days, with live performances being one of their main sources of income.

After spending an unimaginable amount of effort and passion into creating music just like any serious recording artist would, going on tours is the best thing to happen in your career. Before you let your excitement get the best of you, there are ten check moments to be aware of before embarking on your tour.

  • Ensure there is a contract in writing.

Make sure your tour or engagement is covered by a written contract to protect yourself from unpaid fees. Using a contract protects you from unpleasant shocks down the road, such as venues deducting fees for hidden extras like PA equipment rental.

  • Do some research on the places you want to go.

The big day has here. For most bands, getting to the venue is the first priority. Bands on tour will go from city to city, performing for several weeks at a stretch with only a few days off in between. If the band has a show in Manchester on Tuesday and another in Kyiv on Wednesday, they may remain in Manchester on Tuesday night and travel to Kyiv the next morning.

music tours
How recording artists should plan for music tours in 2022. Stock image.

Even if your band isn’t traveling between cities, the first stage is still travel: unless the band has a home gig planned, they’ll have to load their gear into a van or trailer and drive to the venue. Travel is typically prioritized in transition since there are so many things that might go wrong. It’s likely that the bus or van may break down, that traffic between cities will be heavy, or that flights will be cancelled.

  • Make sure your visa or work permit is valid.

If you’re traveling abroad, make sure you know what you’ll need ahead of time. Also, if you’re traveling to the United States, figure out what sort of visa you’ll need. Many performers have been turned away by immigration authorities all around the world due to a lack of work permits, so make sure you’re covered!

  • Prepare Ticketing Options 

When preparing for your tours in 2022, you must include ticketing options for your fans in your plans. You must be make plans for fans to buy tickets online concert for your show. There are several ticketing you can leverage but a music platform such as Show4me has proven to be the best. It gives you the chance to hybridize your event, sell tickets alongside merchandise and music lessons. Strategic planning will help you monetize your event and monitor the ticket cashflow.

  • Check to see whether your instrument can fly as well.

Check with your airline ahead of time (preferably before purchasing your ticket), or use the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) Airline ‘traffic light’ tool to see what policies they have in place.

Is it possible for you to bring your instrument into the cabin? Do you need additional support for packing your instruments?  Is there an additional charge for this? Ground employees and cabin crew may be less knowledgeable about their companies’ regulations than they should be, so understanding your rights ahead of time might be beneficial. So, you’ll need to ensure that your instruments are packed professionally, so you know all the different items you have be bringing with you, whether that is ensuring that your Cable Wrapping is correct for safe storage or keeping track of the instruments you will be transporting.

  • Be tax-aware.

Depending on where you’re performing, you may need to take some steps to avoid being taxed twice on the money you earn.

  • Take precautions.

Because not all nations have the same health and safety requirements, you should double-check that your firm has completed a suitable risk assessment for traveling.

music tours
Music tours as hybrid concerts: incorporating the internet.

The Risk Assessment is vital not just for the circumstances in your target country, but also for general touring problems like transport and rest arrangements, food and beverage supplies, and pollution.

  • Take care of your health.

Touring can be a difficult and exhausting experience. Simple measures like eating properly, being active, and taking breaks will help – but if you’re having trouble, don’t be reluctant to ask for help.

  • Covid-19 safety protocols should be followed.

Additionally, concert organizers would have to ensure that each attendee entered safely. They’d take body temperature readings as people walked in, make sure they knew the laws and regulations of the performance by handing out booklets and make sure mask and sanitation procedures were followed. Attendees would sit in their assigned seats, with enough space between them to maintain social separation. Masks may be required depending on the local protocols. Organizers may also set up food and beverage services that can be supplied to concertgoers with a single click on their cellphones.

  • Hybrid Concert should be taken into consideration.

If you’ve only ever conducted in-person events, there are several reasons why adding an online component is a smart idea. What does it mean for creators to participate in hybrid events? They provide attendees with a different way to observe your event. If they choose online streaming, these attendees will be able to see your event without incurring significant travel costs or responsibilities. A hybrid event also allows more individuals to attend. When compared to merely organizing a live event, this can enhance income, user engagement, and sponsorship options. Even if it isn’t your responsibility to handle tour logistics, be as involved in all of the details as possible before, during, and after the tour to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Most importantly, don’t allow little obstacles to get in the way of what counts most: putting on a fantastic show every night!


2021 was a great year from which we’ve learnt how to live with Covid-19 and carry out our desired activities according to the provided health regulations. As we proceed to 2022, artists must be prepared and conscious of how they are planning their upcoming tours. This guide above must have opened your eyes to some important things you need to take note of.