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3 Reasons The Performing Arts Can Improve Your Mental Health

Performing Arts Mental Health
How The Performing Arts Can Improve Your Mental Health
Performing Arts Mental Health
How The Performing Arts Can Improve Your Mental Health. Pictured young actors on stage, expressing themselves.

How The Performing Arts Can Improve Your Mental Health, Encourage Creative Expression, build Self Esteem & Confidence & Bring People together. 

Music, theater, dance are activities that can provide excitement and fulfillment for everyone involved, and because of this, performing arts such as these can be an irreplaceable part of many people’s lives. Whether you’re a performer or an admirer in the audience, this article will discuss how the performing arts can benefit your mental health and leave a lasting impression.

1. It Encourages Creative Expression

First and foremost, the performing arts, along with its counterpart, the visual arts, are ways for people to express themselves creatively, and this can be a powerful outlet for a lot of people.

Having a creative outlet can help people destress, and it can deter or provide relief for common mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. Feelings and emotions are important parts of making a moving piece of art, but addressing disorders can help you really become more in tune with how you feel and focus on your performance.

Overall, the performing arts can be safe-space for you to be yourself or even be someone else if you wish; many performers believe they feel more alive if they can tap into a different alter-ego when on stage, which leads to the next benefit of these arts – confidence.

2. It Builds Self-Esteem & Confidence

Becoming proficient at your craft takes a long time, and for most people who are serious about what they do, it becomes a lifelong endeavor. There’s always something to work on and keep growing as an individual.

As you keep improving your confidence will continue to grow, and this can make you feel more eager to share what you can do with the world.

Even the most reserved people can find ways to be strong entertainers, but they might require extra help or strategies, such as becoming an alternate version of themselves. Nonetheless, doing this still demands conviction to pull off, and committing to an art can give you confidence in your abilities as long as you keep growing.

3. It Brings People Together

One of the most beautiful things about arts like music, dance, and drama is its ability to unite people and bring out their emotions. 

Whether it’s listening to a national anthem at a sports game, watching a play at a theater, or going to your favorite concert, the performing arts always has a way to move people, and it’s common for fans to create communities about their favorite artists.

For the performers, it can be incredibly fulfilling to know that they have people who appreciate what they do and the energy they receive from an audience can help drive their performance. When they are away from the spotlight, it will give them the motivation to continue doing what they love.

Can Therapy Help?

Without a doubt, being involved in the performing arts can benefit your mental health and even being an integral part of your wellbeing, but when used in conjunction with therapy, you give yourself another avenue for self-improvement.

Therapy can give you additional coping skills you need to achieve better mental health and what you learn can directly benefit your arts by helping you stay motivated and improve your overall outlook on life.

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If you’re looking to try one of the performing arts, it’s never too late to start, and it can be a rewarding and healthy experience that can potentially last a lifetime. However, if you simply prefer to admire it, it can still be a valuable part of your life and offer similar mental health benefits by making you feel motivated and inspired.