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Idaho murder suspect taunted by prisoners, finds God in jail

Bryan Kohberger jail
Bryan Kohberger taunted by prisoners, finds God in jail.
Bryan Kohberger jail
Bryan Kohberger taunted by prisoners, finds God in jail.

Bryan Kohberger Idaho murder suspect taunted by prisoners, finds God in jail as he meets pastor who leads him to prayer. Model inmate widely despised by fellow prisoners.

A report has told of Idaho college murder suspect Bryan Kohberger ‘finding’ God behind bars, being taunted by fellow inmates and fastidiously following his own case of four slain Idaho University students in the news.

Kohberger, 28, whose been incarcerated at a Moscow, Idaho jail cell since January without bail while he awaits a preliminary hearing, steps out of his cell around 7pm on Sundays to meet with a local pastor who leads him in prayer.

‘He sits down with the pastor and receives his own private mass,’ a source inside the jail told the DailyMail. ‘It’s just the two of them. And no, I have no idea what they might talk about.’

Among other revelations, Kohberger according to current and former inmates interviewed by the DailyMail, gets daytime access to a television and likes to flip on the news to follow coverage of his own case.

‘He watches himself all the time,’ an inmate told the tabloid. ‘It’s really kind of bizarre.’

Model prisoner despite ongoing taunts

The 28-year-old has been a model prisoner according to one jail official. This despite facing taunts from inmates who sometimes shout at him as he shuffles past their cells.

When one inmate named Tyson hollered ‘bit**!’ at the accused murderer during a recent weekday, Kohberger barely flinched, turning toward him with a menacing stare without breaking stride as he proceeded down the hall, according to one inmate who watched it happen.

‘He always has the same expression, or non-expression,’ said one inmate, who met with a DailyMail.com reporter in the jail. ‘He just looks straight ahead. I’ve never even seen his eyebrows or mouth move. He never says anything.’

Kohberger spends most of his time alone in a private cell, kept apart from other inmates who share cells. 

He rarely if ever chats with jail mates, who typically only see him when he walks past them accompanied by two jail guards. 

They say Kohberger maintains a steely stare when he steps out to meet his lawyers or to visit the library, and that he’s always flanked by several correction officers who escort him wherever he goes.

The jail houses a couple dozen inmates in a sprawling basement, directly underneath the Latah County courthouse and sheriff’s office near downtown Moscow

Bryan Kohberger jail
Bryan Kohberger model prisoner taunted by fellow inmates, finds God in jail as he awaits June hearing.

‘I hope he gets the death penalty,

The jail cell where Kohberger is housed, is located just 1.4 miles from the rental home where four University of Idaho students were slaughtered during the predawn hours of November 13.

Police arrested Kohberger, a PhD student in criminology at nearby Washington State University in Pullman, on December 30. 

He’s been held without bail in the Moscow jail since January 4, pending his next court hearing on June 26. The case could get him the death penalty.

‘I hope he gets the death penalty,‘ inmate Harrison Papillon told the dailymail. ‘I’d be shocked if he didn’t.’

Latah jail officials remain tight-lipped about Kohberger’s time behind bars. 

One official told DailyMail.com that Kohberger’s been well behaved during his time there, with no incidents. The official also pointed out that Kohberger’s strict vegan dietary needs are being met by the vendor that prepares meals for prisoners.

‘We’d always talk about the fact he was in the same jail with us,’ according to one prisoner recently released. ‘Nobody liked the guy, I could tell you that. There’s a lot of hatred. But we were in awe of him. Nothing like that really happens around Moscow. It shocked a lot of people.’ 

Kohberger’s attorneys have yet to enter a plea in the case while the defense has yet to say what allegedly motivated the PhD student to kill his victims.