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Phd murder suspect obsessively vegan & drugged out

Bryan Kohberger heroin
Bryan Kohberger Idaho murder suspect heroin junkie downfall.
Bryan Kohberger heroin
Bryan Kohberger Idaho murder suspect heroin junkie downfall.

Bryan Kohberger Phd murder suspect accused of murdering four University of Idaho students was obsessively vegan & hooked on heroin. Alleged to have followed and stalked his two female victims on Instagram. 

In a breakdown of the Phd criminal justice student suspect alleged to have stabbed four University of Idaho students as they slept at their off campus residence last month, Bryan Kohberger according to those who knew him was compulsive and obsessed, while in the throes of addiction.

An aunt told The New York Post of Kohberger being ‘OCD’ about his eating habits and forcing his family to buy new pots that had never been used to cook meat. 

‘It was above and beyond being vegan. His aunt and uncle had to buy new pots and pans because he would not eat from anything that had ever had meat cooked in them. He seemed very OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)’ the relative said.

While the Phd student insisted on maintaining a clean, vegan diet, questions began to arise as to the 6ft gangly student’s appearance who increasingly appeared to be in ill health. 

Nick Mcloughlin, who was friends with Kohberger at school told the Daily Beast he was ‘stunned’ to see his old acquaintance arrested.

‘he was 100 percent a different person’

Mcloughlin said Kohberger was ‘down to Earth,’ when he graduated junior year. But at the start of senior year, Kohberger returned ‘thinner than a rail,’ had turned ‘aggressive‘ and taken up boxing.

Recalling how their friendship soured, Mcloughlin added: ‘He always wanted to fight somebody, he was bullying people. We started cutting him off from our friend group because he was 100 percent a different person.’

Kohberger said he has ‘no idea’ what prompted the sudden change. 

Nevertheless a sister of a student colleague who was ‘really good friends’ with her brother, conveyed harrowing accounts of Kohberger hooked on heroin and struggling with on and off sobriety.

‘I didn’t know he was a heroin junkie until he made me drive around looking for drugs’ 

Accounts Casey Arntz: ‘I’m sorry if this all comes out really fast, I’m still in shock. I was friends with him in middle school and high school. Nothing could have prepared me for the shock.’

Continuing, ‘When I spoke to him in 2017 he was clean, he was a heavy heroin user back in high school, and it was nice to see he had cleaned up. He said he was doing security detail at school and said he was better, but obviously that wasn’t true.’

Arntz then recounts an episode where Kohberger made her drive around the Poconos in search of heroin, having no idea of the student’s ambit until much later. 

Bryan Kohberger drug use Reddit account
Bryan Kohberger drug use Reddit account.

‘I thought he was maybe on hard drugs or pills, but now I’m not sure what the erratic behavior was from’

‘I thought I was just doing him a nice deed cause he needed something. It turns out he was getting heroin.’ 

But that wasn’t the only time Kohberger leaned on others when he needed a fix.

An anonymous social media user shared an interaction with the suspect on Reddit.

Read the post, ‘I went to school with Bryan Kohberger. Growing up, I always got a really weird feeling about him, like something was off. He was awkward and quiet, but had a bad temper. I didn’t interact much with him in middle or high school but we went to the same community college. Being a desperate 18 year old who was out of weed, I hung out with him once because he said he knew someone who we could buy weed from. We went to the local mall, I gave him the money, and he went off to “meet” with the drug dealer. When he got back to my car, he said he’d been “robbed” and that we had to leave.’

The post continued, ‘He was acting erratic, and I doubted he was actually robbed. But I was also scared because as I said before, I just got a very off feeling about him. I agreed to take him home and the whole time, he kept saying he was happy I was there with him and couldn’t believe we were friends now (this was the first and last time we ever hung out, and probably the third time we ever even talked our whole lives). I dropped him off in his parent’s community, (where he was just recently arrested). He asked me to come hang out inside but there was something in me telling me to get as far the f**k away from him as I could. At the time, I thought he was maybe on hard drugs or pills, but now I’m not sure what the erratic behavior was from. So, nothing insidious happened, but I thought I’d share my experience because it was one of the only interactions in my life where I truly was in fear of another person.’

The post elicited a variety of reactions, including one commentator who wrote, ‘From that description, he sounds erratic, clingy, deceitful, desperate, and violent.’

Stalked his victims on Instagram

Contemplated another, ‘Are you a woman by chance? It seems like he was using the whole weed thing as a guise to get you to hang out with him. The “robbery” was obviously a lie. If so, this might just be a pattern of creepy/odd behavior towards women.’

While Kohberger appeared to have little social media interaction, commentators on Twitter pointed to social media posts which they claimed showing the suspect following murder victims Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen on his personal Instagram account and Xana on his Phd Instagram account.

It remained unclear why the Phd student who was completing his doctorate in criminal justice at nearby Washington State University followed both Kaylee and Maddie.

Posted one Twitter user‘These were not random victims. He stalked and hunted them. There are others.’ 

Kohberger following his Friday morning arrest at a Pennsylvania property remains held in custody where he now awaits extradition to Idaho where he faces four murder charges in relation to last month’s brutal stabbings which left a community on edge.