Home Scandal and Gossip Hispanic man, 30’s, stabs 8 along Las Vegas strip: 2 dead

Hispanic man, 30’s, stabs 8 along Las Vegas strip: 2 dead

Las Vegas strip mass stabbing
Las Vegas strip mass stabbing leaves 8 injured, two dead, three critically injured at hands of Hispanic man in his 30's.
Las Vegas strip mass stabbing
Las Vegas strip mass stabbing leaves 8 injured, two dead, three critically injured at hands of Hispanic man in his 30’s.

Las Vegas strip mass stabbing leaves 2 dead, with six injured, including three critically.  4 showgirls outside Wynn hotel among those stabbed by Hispanic man in his 30’s. No known motive. 

A total of eight individuals were stabbed, including four showgirls during a knife rampage outside a Las Vegas casino that left two people dead and three in critical condition Nevada authorities said on Thursday. 

The entertainers were said to have been outside the Wynn greeting tourists, Thursday morning when the knifeman proceeded to attack his unwitting victims.

The suspect reportedly had a kitchen knife and told the showgirls he was a chef that wanted to take a photo with them.

When they refused the stabbings started, recounted a woman who said four of the injured showgirls worked for her. 

Two people are dead while three others are in critical condition in a nearby hospital.

Las Vegas strip stabbing victims killed after refusing photo op with suspect

Las Vegas strip stabbing suspect charged w/ 2 counts of murder & 6 attempted murder

Hispanic man in his 30’s flees scene before suspect arrested

A total of eight were attacked, according to Captain Dori Koren of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The remaining three are in a stable condition.

The suspect was arrested ‘very quickly’, said Koren after fleeing the scene and chased by  bystanders. 

Videos and pictures shows what appears to be one of the showgirls in a pool of blood outside the resort. Social media described police saying the assailant being a Hispanic man in his early 30s who didn’t appear to be a local. 

Cops swooped on the Venetian resort where they encountered the knifeman with blood coated all over his sleeves before being arrested and taken into custody. 

Medics were seen desperately working on her in front of horrified onlookers while other images showed a woman being whisked away on a stretcher. Another victim was observed grimacing in ‘extreme pain’ before an ambulance eventually arrived to take the man to a hospital, witnesses told FOX5

At least one of the victims was transported to University Medical Center. 

‘A man just started stabbing and slashing.’ Maxime Wallace, a tourist from Montreal, told media, ‘everything happened so fast it was hard to see.’

No known motive

Pierre Fandrich told 13 Action News he thought he heard showgirls laughing, but they were in fact screaming. When he saw the blood he assumed one of them had fallen from a nearby bridge. 

There were ten officers outside of Wynn casino, potentially looking for a weapon. A kitchen knife was recovered from the scene. 

The incident allegedly occurred between Wynn and the Resorts World Casino, two major tourist attractions in the city.

Multiple casinos in the area reportedly shut down their entrances in the wake of the attack.

Hotels in the area remained open but many tourists struggled to navigate the vicinity surrounding the strip due to the various closures.

At least some of those targeted in the attack were showgirls. Showgirls are often positioned on the Las Vegas strip and pose for photographs with tourists.

Las Vegas police said: ‘At approximately 11.42am, the LVMPD received a report of a stabbing with multiple victims in front of a casino in the 3100 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard.

‘Other victims are being transported to area hospitals with unknown extent of injuries.

‘The suspect has been taken into custody. This is an ongoing investigation. There are road closures in the area. Citizens are advised to avoid the area.’

Nearby roads in the area are beginning to reopen. 

No known motive for the attack was immediately known.