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Stay at home trophy girlfriend, 37, one 24 year old from being discarded

Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend
Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend: What's her secret to the good life?
Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend
Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home trophy girlfriend has advice for you ladies. Images courtesy of SWNS.

Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home trophy girlfriend ditches corporate grind to find rich successful boyfriend to latch on and live feminist’s nightmare. 

Emily de Rean may not know it, but the former financial analyst who ditched her job to become a gilded stay at home girlfriend (her words) is on a collision course with the wall. Which is common talk for being replaced for the newest hotter, younger trophy girlfriend that money and status can buy any day of the week.

In an expose in which the 37 year old Dallas belle seeks to explain to other aspiring women how they too can have their cake and eat it too, Emily de Rean unabashedly explains how no longer having to be part of the ‘rat race’ (cause it made her miserable) can be an attainable goal, as long as one is able to find themselves an agreeable boyfriend willing to pick up the tab and offer a high quality lifestyle.

‘You don’t have to just be a stay-at-home mom, you can aspire to be a young child-free woman and not work,’  the tall, fit, blond bombshell recently told Southwest News Service. ‘I spend my hours doing what I want and have time to look after my body, cook nice meals and spend quality time with friends.’

According to de Rean, misery and lethargy set in after having spent six years working in finance only to became burnt out by the long hours and lack of annual leave. Feminism be damned

Rean’s moment of clarity came after her dying father told her that life was too short to be unhappy. That’s when de Rean dropped out of the rat race and began working as a nanny — only to find that child care work didn’t last long or pay well enough. 

Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend
Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend: What’s her secret to the good life?

Smart women only pick the winners at the finish line

Soon after, the Texan met her boyfriend, Michael, 40, (the couple have been together for 2.5 years) whose large income allowed her to give up work altogether. Bingo. Payola. The 20 hours a week at the gym finally paid off.

‘He encouraged me to stop working and become a stay-at-home girlfriend, so I could have time to do something more productive,’ de Rean offered, saying she is no longer ‘restricted’ by a job. Albeit defined by a new ticking beauty for cash dynamic. 

De Rean who hopes to become an author, is now giving advice to other women looking to leave the workforce.

De Rean — who is now engaged to Michael — says her top tip to becoming a stay-at-home girlfriend is to date a man who can afford to fund that lifestyle. 

Pay attention ladies. Gold nuggets are about to spilled in your direction.

‘There is nothing wrong with a man who wants to be a teacher but if your goal is to be a stay-at-home girlfriend then he’ll never be able to provide for that,’ De Rean explains. ‘You have to be choosey and only date from pool of men that meet your requirements.’

‘They need to be financially viable for your needs,’ she continued. ‘You don’t know how a man is going to end up even if he has potential. You should date the finished product.’

Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend
Emily de Rean Dallas stay at home girlfriend. Images courtesy of SWNS.

How to figure out if beta provider will fund you

All good and dandy one supposes, never mind the unsaid reality that such men are in the minority and the aspiration of most women, who are hard wired to trade up. Which is to say, Emily is one cookie too much, one bad mood, three grey hairs, one season of refusing to obey her master, one long weekend from having a head-ache to acquiesce to bedroom fun, and potentially be replaced by the newest, hottest and forthcoming trophy girlfriend who understands what is expected of her.

Picking Beta Provider according to De Rean is a process of elimination.

Offers Emily about first date etiquette: ‘He should invite you to dinner, not coffee, and if he is asking to split the bill that’s a red flag.’

Additionally, de Rean says women should be wary of a man brought up by a mom who worked a lot of jobs. 

‘That woman is a champion but for the man, it will set his subconscious to have those expectations,’ she explained. ‘If a man has been brought up by a stay-at-home mom, then he’s been conditioned to want that already. I think the most important thing is to make sure your vision aligns with his.’

Meanwhile, de Rean says men love a partner who stays in shape and who can cook a ‘mean meal’ — therefore it’s important for an aspiring stay-at-home girlfriend to hone her culinary skills and hit the gym in order to look fit and fabulous. Cause of course the wall, which remains undefeated in Emily’s case is only a few years away. Then again, maybe assuming it’s not too late for Emily, popping a late at stage life baby might help her cinch the golden trifecta: luxury, loyalty and no fault divorce pay day. 

Reflects de Rean, Being a stay-at-home girlfriend isn’t for everyone but if it’s what you want and need, you shouldn’t be shamed for it.’

Ladies, isn’t it time you also traded your acumen, your drive, your independence, your sexuality and also became a stay at home gold digger too?