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Texas teen slammed for saying it’s her duty to take care of husband

Brylea Langley Texas
Pictured, Brylea Langley Texas woman.
Brylea Langley Texas
Pictured, Brylea Langley Texas woman.

Texas woman, Brylea Langley slammed for saying it’s her duty to take care of her husband on social media: Women responding to their roles, tasks, expectations and defining feminine identity. 

A 19 year old Hallsville, Texas teen has received a torrent of backlash after posting on social media that it is her role as a woman and wife to ‘take care’ of her husband.

In the post which she uploaded to her Twitter page, Brylea Langley contemplated on what kind of wife she thinks she will be when she eventually gets married.: ‘Call me old fashioned, I was raised to take care of my husband make his plate every night, wash his work clothes for him, make sure he’s up for work the next morning, always have a clean house for him to come home to, etc. and that’s exactly wife I will be.’ 

While some agreed with the college student’s position, others slammed her comments for being ‘old-fashioned.’ 

‘Sounds like you were raised to be his mom,’ wrote one, while another penned‘Sooooo do you get to pursue any hobbies or passions or is your full time job being a mother to a fully grown adult man?’  

Many who were outraged by the comments compared Brylea’s job to that of her husband’s mom – with one saying: ‘So you were raised to parent your husband?’

Another wrote: ‘I take care of my boyfriend since we live together, but I’m not trying to be his momma. We do all the chores together and we get up together.’

Responded on man, ‘I’ve been married almost 26 years and I’ve never asked my wife to do this…she’s not my servant, she’s my partner.’

While others compared her ideals to be alike to raising a child, or even a pet.

Others suggested that chores such as doing the dishes and cleaning the house should be split equally – with one warning, ‘know your worth.’ 

‘I’m a stay at home mom and my husband doesn’t treat me like we’re in the fifties,’ wrote one. ‘He knows he’s a grown man who can depend on himself if I do not cook or clean on some days. He doesn’t make demands. Ladies know your worth…’

Responded another commentator, ‘Exactly! My husband works 70 hours a week and still cooks, does yard work, takes care of our daughter, grocery shops, etc. We make sure everything gets handled together’.

While another user responded, ‘I’ve been married 30 years. Marriage is a partnership, with give and take and mutual respect for each other, not one person catering to the other. Think about the model you’re setting for your daughters.’

Despite the outrage, there were some who supported Brylea’s position.

‘It’s your choice to be the kind of wife and woman you want to be,’posted one user while another said: ‘Pretty sure @BryleaLangley is my soul twin.’

Posted another, ‘I am a feminist! I am an independent woman. And to be honest, I have no need to be upset at a woman who does what she wants for her partner. If getting up early, cooking dinner and wash his clothes makes you happy, that is awesome! It is one thing to be forced and one thing to do it because you want to and that is an independent thought.

Another added: ‘I thought feminism was about letting women have the power to choose? As far as I can tell this lady isn’t trying to push her agenda on anyone. It’s just her own values affecting her own life,’ while a fourth commented: 

‘This is the realist response. Everybody’s situation is different.’  While another cryptically posted,Been there, divorced that.’