Home Scandal and Gossip Who killed Forest Hills mom found stuffed in duffel bag?

Who killed Forest Hills mom found stuffed in duffel bag?

Orsolya Gaal former handyman lover sought person of interest
Orsolya Gaal former handyman lover sought person of interest in Forest Hills mom of two murder.
Orsolya Gaal Forest Hills Queens mother found dead
Who killed Orsolya Gaal Forest Hills Queens married mother of two? Image via FB.

Who killed Orsolya Gaal Forest Hills mom found stuffed in duffel bag close to her Queens home? Killer allegedly sent text to husband, ‘your whole family is next.’ 

Mystery continues to surround the discovery of a Queens mother of two after her body was found ’stuffed’ inside a duffel bag over the weekend – with family members now saying they have received a text saying, ‘your whole family is next.’ 

The body of Orsolya Gaal, 51, was found inside the luggage just after 8 a.m. Saturday by a man taking his dog out for a morning walk. Investigators discovered a trail of blood stretching multiple blocks, leading back to the victim’s $2 million Tudor-style home on Juno Street in Forest Hills, CBSNY reported.  

Her husband, Howard Klein, who was reportedly in Portland with the couple’s 17-year-old son on a college hunt, received an ominous text message from the killer, threatening, ‘Your whole family is next,’ according to WPIX

According to Klein, an equities advisor, the text went on to say the murder was revenge for sending him to jail some years ago.

Latest reports indicated that the Queens mom was stabbed 60 times in her neck, torso and arm, according to her police sources.

Often flirted on Facebook: Handyman lover arrested in Forest Hills mom murder

Orsolya Gaal 3 mystery phone numbers hold key to Forest Hills mom murder

‘Your whole family is next …’ 

Gaal apparently told her youngest son, 13, she was heading out to watch a show Friday night, only to instead meet up with another man. 

Police believe Orsolya went out for the night on Saturday, possibly with a man, then returned home. She was killed inside the basement of her home then was dragged out in the bag, they say. Unnamed sources told PIX11 that she had told her son she was going out with friends but was in fact with another man.

Gaal spent some of her final hours in her yard and enjoying a night out — before video caught a mysterious figure lugging her makeshift casket down the street.

After she was murdered, police believe the killer used her phone to text her husband and say ‘your whole family is next’.  

PIX11 cites sources who say the killer also told Howard: ‘Your wife sent me to jail some years ago. I’m back’.

Cops took Gaal’s 13 year old son away in handcuffs, only to release the boy after determining he had no knowledge of the crime. Cops questioned the boy as they sought to identify who the mother spent her last hours with. 

Neighbors said Gaal was a dedicated mother who was in the process of planning the 13 year old’s ‘coming of age’ bar mitzvah.

Orsolya Gaal Forest Hills
Orsolya Gaal Forest Hills Queens woman pictured with husband, Howard Klein and the couple’s two teen sons. Image via FB.

No arrests

Surveillance footage also emerged showing someone in a hoodie wheeling the bag near her home at around 4.30am. The bag is similar to one used by her 13-year-old son and could have been taken from the home by the killer.

Gaal is Hungarian. She and her husband Howard are thought to have met when he was living in Budapest for work. According to her Facebook page, Gaal attended Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business.

A regard of Gaal’s husband Linkedln profile reveals him to be the founder of RK Equity. His profile describes the business as a ‘New York-based boutique capital markets advisory firm.’

Police sources now say that the person responsible for the mom of two’s death may have been someone she knew. Police to date have yet to identify a person of interest or a murder motive. Nor have police linked the identity of the man who Gaal according to a text sent to her husband put him away in jail.

No arrests have been made in the investigation, which is still ongoing.