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Hot Fashions for the Cold Winter: The Top Seven Accessories to Get This Season

winter fashion accessories
Top Fashion Accessories for Winter 2022 Season You Need to Buy Now. Pictured the Snood and Beret- must haves for your wardrobe!
winter fashion accessories
Top Fashion Accessories for Winter 2022 Season You Need to Buy Now. Pictured the Snood and Beret- must haves for your wardrobe!

Top Fashion Accessories for Winter 2022 Season: Personalized jewelry, snoods, designer logos, berets, gloves and pearls. 

Are you an aspiring fashionista, or do you just crave to give your wardrobe something of a spring in its step this winter? You could go out and spend a fortune on a number of new outfits, which would admittedly be cheaper online, but sadly you maxed out your credit card over the festive period, and now you need to re-think your approach entirely.

Never underestimate the value of accessories. If you shop well and plan effectively, the purchase of a handful (in this case, seven) of accessories is all you need to breathe life into your tired closet.

These are items that can go with multiple outfits and can work in both formal or informal events, great for the school run and a night out on the town. Accessories should be your best friend when it comes to using them to get more out of your current clothing choices.

Winter is the time of the fashion calendar when a whole raft of new possibilities hone into view, and with this in mind, here are a number of accessories that we feel will be hugely effective for you and your wardrobe.

Personalized Jewelry

Though 2021 was huge for custom-made jewelry items, we are reliably informed that 2022 will be even bigger. We love this accessory as it’s a great statement to make when it comes to displaying your style as well as your personality.

Personalized necklaces have been popping up on the catwalk and on the red carpet for some time now, and if you haven’t already gotten yourself one, then you should plan to do so very soon. A number of celebrities and personalities have made this a real game-changer, with the likes of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and the Duchess of Cambridge being prominent proponents of this style choice.


If you don’t have a snood or even perhaps are unsure what they are, then you are in for a treat. A snood is a perfect item to keep you warm in the winter and stylish as hell. These effectively keep your neck nice and cozy and can be used to partner a layered-up look.

There are many different styles and materials that snoods come in, and you should look to find ones that work well with your favorite winter outfits. We’d recommend a sherpa-style snood as that will make you feel as if you are sauntering on a Caribbean beach even though it’s someway below freezing.

Logomania Part Two

Yes, logomania will continue to be a big feature in 2022, and you should get in on the act this winter. This is great for those who don’t have infinite sums of money to go out there and buy designer label goods but can pick up an accessory or two that show off a designer name or logo.

This can come in the form of an elegant belt, a necklace, or even a brooch, whatever works for your overall look and remember, don’t hide in the shadows; wear that logo in as brash a manner as possible. You are there to be seen!

Oversized Earrings Are Going to be Huge

Last year was all about oversized items and chunky looks, and 2022 is about earrings that are hard to miss. Make your choice in this trend as bold as you can, and you’ll then see how these can be easily incorporated into your overall ensemble.

This trend is perhaps more relevant and user-friendly on a night out rather than a day at work, but either way, these ornamental style earrings need to be big and unmissable. Here you can pick up great choices at your local outlet stall or online, and you don’t have to spend big at a jewelry store in order to meet the guidelines of this accessory trend.

winter fashion accessories
Top Fashion Accessories for Winter 2022 Season You Need to Buy Now: Post Statement Gloves. Pictured on the left, HMacleod Design Californian gater digitally printed gloves by Etsy and right side, Styland mid-length gloves by FarFetch.

Posh Statement Gloves

We are loving these. It’s time to get a pair of gloves that take you up a notch or two. Be strong in your choices here. You can go for opera gloves with a hint of faux fur or a leather pair of driving gloves (even if you don’t own a car) and pick bright colors and make them as visible as possible.

This is great for keeping your hands warm day and night, as well as being a nice bit of added detailing on your finished outfit choice. You might also want to opt for gloves that have nice bursts of bling in the form of studs or buttons. 


We love pearls, and pearls that glisten in the winter sun are simply gorgeous. However you choose to wear them, in a choker, a necklace, or any way you like, pearls are just great and very much on trend for 2022.

Whereas the idea of pearls a few years ago was an item that was considered somewhat dated, the modern take on this accessory has helped up its game, and now they are proving more popular than ever.

Here you don’t have to buy the real thing as even the pretend ones serve the purpose and will work just as well, so there’s no need to break the bank on this one. 

Berets are Back

When it comes to hats for winter, in 2022, it’s all about berets, and once you get one, you won’t be able to stop wearing it. These go with many looks and are far more adaptable than you might at first think.

A beret is great at keeping your unkempt hair in check and will always look effortlessly sophisticated, whatever you pair it with. Once you find one that you’ve fallen in love with, you’ll never leave home without it!

These are just a small selection of accessories that could work wonders for you this winter, so next time you are out shopping for a whole new look, why not check out what accessories are on offer, as this may present you with more manageable and less costly ways to reinvent yourself.