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Pet Store Karen calls 911 for right to breathe after refusing to wear mask

Pet Store Karen: Bones-N-Scones Aidan Bearpaw
Pet Store Karen: Bones-N-Scones Aidan Bearpaw
Pet Store Karen: Bones-N-Scones Aidan Bearpaw
Aidan Bearpaw Bones-N-Scones face mask confrontation with Pet Store Karen.

Aidan Bearpaw Bones-N-Scones face mask confrontation with Pet Store Karen. Customer refuses to wear mask calls 911 on pet store worker. 

Here we go again. A California woman has been caught on camera calling 911 after being denied entry to a pet store after refusing to wear a face mask amid the ongoing coronavirus

Bones-N-Scones employee Aidan Bearpaw recorded his encounter with the woman, identified only as Laura, (social media has since identified the woman as Laura Karowsky Norris of Palm Springs) after she arrived at the Palm Springs store shortly before close last Sunday. 

The six minute video begins with Laura saying she is being ‘discriminated against’ as Aidan stands at the door and offers her a cloth mask. 

‘I cant, I’ll have a panic attack, I’ll freak out, I’ll have an anxiety attack. I know what I want. I’m here at the end [of the day], no one is in the store,’ Laura is heard saying.  

‘I don’t want to call 911 on you, but I will.’

‘I’m just trying to do my job.’

Despite Laura’s plea, Aidan continues to refuse to let the woman inside, explaining even though there is no one in the store, he is still concerned for his own well being. 

‘There is no one in the store,’ Laura is heard saying in the video. 

‘There is me in the store,’ Aidan interjects.

‘So there’s you. So you stand 7000 ft away from me.’ Laura says.

‘Maam’, the hapless worker is heard saying, ‘I’m just trying to do my job.’

‘And I am just trying to make sure I have rights,’ a defiant Laura responds. 

Yes kids welcome to a brave new coronavirus world where one’s own rights, needs, sense of self and ‘free will’ triumph the collective good.

‘911, what is your emergency?’

Despite Aidan refusing to let Laura enter the store, Laura calls 911. 

‘911, what is your emergency?’ an operator can be heard saying as Laura makes good on her threat. 

‘Um, yeah, as per the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I cannot be discriminated against. I do have a right to be able to breathe o2, not co2. I am being discriminated against right now at a store.’

‘Are you calling to report something, m’am?’ the confused dispatcher is heard stating.

Yes kids you know where this sh*t show is going… 

‘Ah yes, that I’m not being let into the store because I’m being discriminated against… I have a religious exemption right and a God-given right to breathe o2,’ Laura replies. 

Laura Karowsky Norris
Pictured, Laura Karowsky Norris aka Pet Shop (store) Karen. Image via social media.
Pet Store Karen
Social media responds to Pet Store Karen.

‘I could and I would win’

‘Even though masks are mandated, it’s not actually a law,’ she goes on to tell the dispatcher. 

‘I do know in the end, I have the right. If I wanted to sue this gentlemen [Aidan],  I could and I would win. I’ll work with Del Bigtree, I’ll work with Robert Kennedy Jr., I’ll work with Peggy Hall. Those are names that you might not be familiar with but I am.’ 

The operator tells Laura that she can send an officer out to the scene.

However, Laura states that the store is set to close in five minutes and the cop will not arrive in time. 

‘So, you don’t want us to come out then?’ the confused dispatcher responds. 

‘I don’t really want you to come out, because all I want is for you to support me in my purchase of a few items,’ Laura replies. 

When the dispatcher tells Laura she has ‘no control’ over the situation, Laura relents. 

‘I could take this further, but I won’t,’ she tells Aidan before hanging up on the operator and returning to her truck. 

Speaking to KESQ, Aidan later stated: ‘It was definitely really anxiety inducing.’

Pet Store Karen
Social media responds to Pet Store Karen face mask confrontation with Bones-N-Scones Aidan Bearpaw worker.

“God given rights” are not the law,’

‘But it worked out in the sense that, you know, I was able to keep myself safe, and whatever customers were going to come that we’re going to come in safe.’

Laura has not publicly been identified, and she has not released comment on the incident.  

And then there were this response on social media that caught this author’s attention. See what you think?

‘Look at this ridiculous woman who thinks she’s taking some sort of moral high ground and making my boyfriend feel uncomfortable while at work. Put on a fucking mask. You don’t have a “religious exemption”, “God given rights” are not the law, and there’s no medical exemption from wearing a mask from any credible doctor. I thought y’all were for private property rights? You wouldn’t know discrimination if it was happening in front of you. It’s a shame that some Americans feel so entitled to not have to practice basic public health safety guidelines. Truthfully I cannot tell if she’s actually this stupid or if she’s a bad actor. Either way you’re pompous and ignorant. Don’t let these kind of people intimidate you if you’re a worker during these times. I cannot appreciate you enough if you are a worker right now, my heart goes out to you. My baby handled this phenomenally.’