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Laface Skincare racist: White couple question person of color who wrote BLM in chalk on his own property

Robert & Lisa Alexander Laface Skincare
Robert and Lisa Alexander of Laface Skincare. Screenshot.
Robert & Lisa Alexander Laface Skincare
Robert and Lisa Alexander of Laface Skincare. Screenshot.

Robert Larkins of Raymond James Investments & Lisa Alexander of Laface Skincare identified as white couple questioning person of color, Jaimetoons writing BLM on chalk in front of his own property. Social media responds with Birchbox beauty outlet dropping the brand.

Pacific Heights, California: Video posted to Twitter on Friday reveals a man and woman questioning a person of color for writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ in chalk on his own property, claiming they know the person who lives in the building.

The video (see below) shared by a Twitter user with the handle Jaimetoons, shows the couple, since identified as Robert Larkins and Lisa Alexander, CEO of Laface Skincare asking a man if it’s his property that he’s writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ on his wall.

‘A white couple call the police on me, a person of color, for stencilling a #BLM chalk message on my own front retaining wall,’ Jaimetoons posted along with the video. The woman also tells him that she knows the person who lives in the home he’s drawing the stencil on, despite the property belonging to the Twitter user – since identified as Filipino man, James Juanillo

‘Is this your property? Hi, I’m asking you if this is your property,’ the woman, named Lisa, says at the start of the video. When the man sharing the video questions why they’re asking, the other man with the woman responds: ‘Because it’s private property. So, are you defacing private property or is this your building? You’re free to express your opinions, but not on people’s property.’

Jaimetoons then answers back that they do not know if it’s his property. But, if I did live here and it was my property, this would be absolutely fine, and you don’t know if I live here or if this this is my property,’ he tells the woman.

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Jaimetoons dares couple to call cops

The woman responds that the couple did know who lived in the property, but Jaimetoons pointed out that it was indeed his own home in the tweet accompanying the video.

In the video, Jaimetoons tells the couple that they can either call the people who live in the house, who they claim to know, or call the police. ‘I’ll be more than happy to talk to them,’ he tells the couple. 

After saying that he wouldn’t answer their questions, Jaimetoons tells the couple to call the police, and they walk away.

‘And that, people, is why black lives matter. That’s Karen [the popular name for women who overreact and escalate situations too quickly], and she’s going to call the cops,’ he says as the two depart. ‘This is going to be really funny, because she knows the people who live here, personally.’

In his tweet, Jaimetoons said the couple did indeed call the police, and in a reply tweet, he wrote that the police did not even step out of their car.

In a supposed screenshot of a tweet by Alexander, she responded to the tweet. ‘I asked if he lived there because if he had said yes then everything would have been fine as it was his property,’ Lisa posted.

Social media users later identified the couple in the video as Lisa Alexander & Robert Larkins, a managing director at Raymond James, who handles the pension funds for the State of California, the UC Regents, CSU, and dozens of counties and cities in California. Alexander reportedly owns and runs a skincare line by the name of Laface Skincare – and that’s when life for the couple soon turned upside down. 

Birchbox drops Laface Skincare

Monthly beauty subscription service Birchbox which houses her products quickly responded after Twitter users demanded they drop the brand. “@birchbox immediately drop all products from racially-bigoted Lisa C Alexander (LA Skin Care). #blacklivesmatter” read another tweet.

People also found Lisa’s brand’s Facebook page where an avalanche of negative reviews soon appeared.

‘Worst products ever! Probably because the CEO is a racist and spends her time calling the cops on a person of color who did absolutely nothing wrong. Highly recommend you DO NOT buy their products,’ posted one Facebook user.

Wrote another: ‘Stop harassing POC. Racism will not be tolerated. Yout questions to the man in the video were violent and your condescending attitude made me sick. I would NEVER buy a product from a company whose owner is RACIST! I would never buy a product from someone who targets our community. zero stars #blacklivesmatter” read one of the reviews on the page.

After the matter went viral on social media, Birchbox went live with a statement on their Facebook and Instagram pages. They stated that going forward they will be more responsible in terms of the brands they work with but the statements lack details about the status of their contract with Lisa and her company.

Followers of the page flooded their comment section with ‘So what about ya girl Lisa Alexander… she has been outed what’s good?’ and ‘hope you are parting ways with Lisa Alexander and LaFace Cosmetics. Lip service does nothing when inaction says it all.’

Of note Laface Skincare website is down reports newsweek.

And then there was this comment below on social media that grabbed this author’s attention. See what you think?

What’s left me absolutely depressed about this – are the awful comments on the SF GATE article. Many comments victim blaming – accusing him of turning it into a racist moment when they were just being good neighbors. However what they fail to understand is that this “good neighbor” NEVER would have stopped to ask a white person if it was their property. And that the video taping of the incident is to capture what racism we have normalized in our society. To REFLECT back the every day racism that BIPOC experience EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country. People jumping up to defend her are also forgetting or missing the fact that this WOMAN LIED to try and make this man feel SCARED! Deplorable behavior. How is this a “good neighbor”?