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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ex dead from drug overdose on New Year’s Day partying

Nick Gordon dead
Nick Gordon dead as a result of drug overdose. Pictured w/ ex fiancee, Bobbi Kristina Brown and her superstar mom, Whitney Houston.
Nick Gordon dead
Nick Gordon dead as a result of drug overdose. Pictured w/ ex fiancee, Bobbi Kristina Brown and her superstar mom, Whitney Houston.

Nick Gordon dead: Whitney Houston daughter fiancee Bobbi Kristina Brown drug overdose death. Dumped at hospital by friends after suffering heart attacks.

Nick Gordon, the ex-boyfriend and fiancee of Bobbi Kristina Brown, has died as a result of alleged drug overdose death. He was 30.

Gordon’s brother, Jack Walker Jr., in a released statement to PEOPLE confirmed Gordon having died Wednesday in Florida following a drug overdose.

‘We are devastated by the loss of my beautiful brother,’ Walker Jr. said in the statement. ‘He leaves a void in the hearts of my family and his friends. Nick’s battle in life was not an easy one. I will be forever grateful that my God afforded a small moment at the very end of Nick’s life, and I was able to hold his hand as he journeyed on.’

Sources told The Daily Mail that Gordon had suffered a number of heart attacks on New Year’s Day and was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit at Altamonte Springs Hospital, where he eventually died.

‘It’s early days but the suggestion is he was taking drugs with friends and he passed out. They drove him to the hospital, took him inside and then left him there,’ said an insider.

‘Whatever you think of Nick and his lifestyle, it’s terribly sad that his supposed friends just dumped him and drove away.’

‘Sxxx wasn’ suppose to go like this!’

Posted Walker Jr. on Facebook: ‘GOD WHY I DID I HAVE TO LOSE MY BROTHER ON NEW YEARS’ and ‘All I can do is cry.’

Added the relative in a separate post: ‘I love you so much big brother I hope you heard me talking to you at your bedside you are with me and I can feel it I love you I love you I love you watch over me and your nieces.’

‘S— wasn’t suppose to go like this … you were [my] best friend and I never in a million years thought I’d be writing this for my ACE I was there through every step we all love you no matter what and we’ll all stay strong for you , New Years didn’t have to start like this and you just told me you HAD to see me for New Years but I’m blessed I got to talk to you last night you will forever be my best friend nobody will ever take your place.’

Guilty of Wrongful death of Ex: 

Gordon’s death comes three years after he was found liable in the wrongful death case of Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Brown.

The 22-year-old was found unconscious and unresponsive with drugs in her system in the bathtub of the Georgia townhouse she shared with Gordon in early 2015. Brown was taken off life support in June later that year.

Gordon protested his innocence and insists he did everything he could to resuscitate the 22-year-old budding singer after finding her unconscious at their Alpharetta, Ga. home

Brown’s ‘controlling’ ex-fiancée never faced criminal charges but was held legally responsible for her wrongful death in a civil case.

The episode echoed the death of Brown’s superstar star mother Whitney who also drowned in a bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel, with cocaine abuse and heart disease contributing to her February 2012 demise.

As a result of the case decision, Gordon was ordered by a judge to pay $36 million to her estate.

Gordon who was taken in at the age of 12 by Whitney soon after forged ‘romantic’ relations with her daughter, Bobbi.

Legal entanglements followed with new girlfriend:

Gordon is thought to have been living with friends in recent months after his mom moved to Hawaii.

He had split from on-off girlfriend Laura Leal, whom he was accused of attacking on several occasions leading to several arrests for domestic abuse.

In recent years, Gordon found himself entangled in legal drama after Leal in June, 2017 accused him of a physical altercation. The allegations follow claims Brown having also being beaten by her then fiancee and boyfriend. Charges were dropped later that August.

But there would be new allegations. According to a March 2018 arrest report obtained by PEOPLE, Leal had told authorities that her boyfriend struck her in the face while she was driving, adding that he also pulled her hair and ‘stated to her that he should make her wreck the vehicle.’

In April 2018, however, Leal, under oath, ‘denied being struck or touched against her will’ by Gordon in statements written in a letter to the judge, according to a statement from the Seminole County state attorney.

Due to those statements contradicting her original ones, prosecutors decided not to go through with a trial following the review of body camera footage, 911 audio, sworn statements and jail call recordings, and announced that Gordon would not be charged.

Leal had been Gordon’s latest high-profile romance since the passing of Brown.

It remained unclear what substance(s) Gordon was on at the time of his death and the degree of his addiction leading up to his overdose death. The former fiancee’s death follows autopsy showing Brown passing away as a result of acute cocaine use – while her mother passed away as a result of acute crack cocaine addiction.