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Elena Lobacheva Bride of Chucky serial killer: I felt sexual pleasure knifing 15 homeless victims

Elena Lobacheva
Pictured, Russia's Elena Lobacheva Bride of Chucky serial killer
Elena Lobacheva
Pictured, Russia’s Elena Lobacheva Bride of Chucky serial killer

How Elena Lobacheva Bride of Chucky serial killer derived sexual pleasure killing her homeless victims as part of a Moscow gang ‘cleaning’ the streets.

Elena Lobacheva a 26 year old woman part of a Russian gang of five that targeted homeless people in the streets of Moscow has told of deriving sexual pleasure knifing her victims to death.

The admission comes after a Moscow jury convicted all five members of murdering 15 homeless people, as part of a ‘crusade’ to rid Moscow of vagrants and drunks.

Yet perhaps most chilling and sobering was the ascent of Lobacheva, who told detectives her killing spree was inspired by Hollywood horror movie ‘Bride of Chucky,’ which focuses on a doll possessed by a serial killer and the particular joy the murders brought her. 

The only woman in the gang, Lobacheva said the ‘random stabbing of a dying human brought her pleasure comparable to sexual pleasure’.

According to Russia’s Life News agency, one victim killed by Lobacheva and two male accomplices was knifed 171 times, while others were repeatedly struck with hammers.

Elena Lobacheva
The gang often targeted their victims near the Belorussky railway station in Moscow where the homeless frequented.
Elena Lobacheva
Pictured one of the 15 homeless Moscow murder victims that Elena Lobacheva and her fellow gang members targeted.

The gang formed after meeting at a forum of ‘ultra radicals,’ inspired in part by 43 year old mass murderer “Chessboard Maniac” Alexander Pichushkin.

The notorious serial killer was convicted of murdering 49 people, mainly homeless and alcoholics in Bitsevski Park in Moscow.

Lobacheva confessed to being involved in seven of the 15 documented murders the gang carried out, along with her accomplice Pavel Voitov, 22, who’d taken part in 14 killings.

Another ‘street cleaner’ gang member Maksim Pavlov, 21, admitted being involved in the murder of four homeless people.

Vladislav Karatayev, 22, and Artur Nartsissov, 24, were also convicted by Moscow juries.

The group kept in contact using nicknames via social media groups, including the now defunct ‘Time to Hate’, told prosecutor Yaroslav Mytz.

One previous post read,Everything happens for the first time, like first love, first kiss, first sex, first kill.’

According to the dailymail, the gang murdered their victims between the hours of 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. in derelict areas away from CCTV cameras.

One body found near Belarussky railway station had 44 knife wounds; a victim killed in the Moscow Hippodrome was stabbed 51 times and suffered 18 hammer blows; another close to Begovaya metro station had 35 knife wounds; one more, near Workers village, had two wounds inflicted by stones, and 46 knife wounds.

Lobacheva delighted in the killings and watched her male accomplices carry out the murders, according to evidence gathered ahead of their conviction this week.

Elena Lobacheva
Pictured Elena Lobacheva’s home computer where the serial killer maintained a how to murder list and images of her victim’s deaths.
 Elena Lobacheva
Items seized at Elena Lobacheva’s squalid apartment

When her apartment was searched, police found five knives, while on her computer, a ‘step-by-step instruction to killing people and photos of all of her victims with their stomachs cut open and body parts cut off.’

Police found folders titled, ‘Tenderness’ and Need this’ which contained hundreds of pictures and videos of torture and executions.

In one notebook Lobacheva recorded the number of knife wounds on the gang’s victims’ bodies.

Told Anastasia Soldatova, a female friend of Lobacheva: ‘We often discussed beauty of death with Lena.’

‘Voitov and Lobacheva were keen on serial killers, they spoke a lot about maniac (Pichushkin) who was like an icon for them. They wanted to be like him.’

Pichushkin wanted to kill one person for each of the 64 squares on a chess board.

Elena Lobacheva
Pictured, Elena Lobacheva’s mother, Olga who said she had no knowledge of her daughter’s killing spree or anti-social behavior.

During trial proceedings, Lobacheva’s mother Olga said she had no inkling of her daughter’s killing obsession.

‘She’s messy but she is a good person. She’s supportive. She didn’t kill. There is no anger in her eyes,’ she said.

The UK’s sun noted the gang’s killing spree taking place mainly between July 2014 and February 2015. The group never stole from their victims while also avoiding posting incriminating evidence on the web.

Among their victims was bank worker Sergei Yevseyev – stabbed more than 100 times – who was believed to have been mistaken for a homeless man after he stopped at a local park on his way home from work.

His father Alexander Yevseyev, 60, said: ‘My son Sergei was neither homeless nor alcoholic.’

‘He worked in a bank and had met with a friend in a local park for a chat and a drink.’

‘After leaving he was walking home when they attacked him, stabbing him over 107 times.’

Elena Lobacheva
Pictured, Elena Lobacheva

The gang’s eventual demise came after they were filmed attacking a street cleaner who managed to escape.

Prokhor Gorshkov, then 45, had finished work and was on his way home when he was set upon.

The immigrant worker from Kyrgyzstan was stabbed in the back before managing to flee to a nearby police station where he gave a description of his attackers.

Senior investigator Sergey Azhayev said: ‘Several homeless people were killed next to the railways near Belarussky station.’

‘All were killed in one particular ‘style,’ first being struck with a hammer on their heads, and then ‘finished’ with knives.’

‘Every murder had several dozen knife wounds which showed the extreme cruelty of the killers.’

‘Yet initially we couldn’t find a trace to help stitch the cases together.’

‘All the crimes were carried out in the middle of the night or very early in the morning when there were no eye witnesses.’

He praised Gorshkov for fighting back against the gang when he was attacked.

Told the policeman,He lost a lot of blood but he managed to make his way home and told his son about the attack.’

He was then able to describe the attackers to police.

‘This was the thread that helped investigators to stitch this and other cases together.’

To date police have yet to necessarily explain what ultimately motivated the female serial killer, to what degree Hollywood may have inspired her, whether she had been the product of a violent and troubled childhood, or whether the social malaise inherent in the Russian landscape was one that Lobacheva acutely felt within herself and what she may have been killing.

The Moscow court is due to announce their sentences soon.

Elena Lobacheva
Pictured, Elena Lobacheva Bride of Chucky serial killer
Elena Lobacheva
Elena Lobacheva Bride of Chucky serial killer