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Was Molly Bridges Arcan Cetin’s ex girlfriend intended victim or collaborator?

Molly Bridges
Molly Bridges
Pictured Molly Bridges and her ex boyfriend, Arcan Cetin

Molly Bridges has been identified as Arcan Cetin’s ex girlfriend who worked at the Macy’s store he targeted. Intended victim or willing inside accomplice?

In the hours after the arrest of Cascade Mall shooting suspect, twitter has become awash with speculation that Arcan Cetin targeted the Burlington shopping mall under the belief that his ex girlfriend, Molly Bridges worked at the Macy’s store that Cetin targeted.

Feeds trending under the hashtag #Molly Bridges tell of Cetin having dated Bridges back in 2014 with the pair splitting up in January 2015. Soon after Molly Bridges started dating Hawke Leach on March 29, 2015.

A report via dailyentertainment tells of Molly, a former event coordinator at Skagit Valley College having worked as a sales associate at Macy’s at the Burlington Mal. She is believed to have left her job at Macy’s in March where she got a job at a massage parlor called Envy.

The claims come amidst some witness saying that Celtin had shouted a woman’s name multiple times just moments before opening fire, according to FOX-Q13.

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Molly Bridges
Molly Bridges pictured with Arcan Cetin.

Corroborating the fact that the pair had once been in a relationship, screen grab images which appear to be from Molly Bridge’s social media account (possibly twitter) show the woman pictured alongside Arcan Cetin.

Also showing up is a tweet that Cetin had once posted: ‘I don’t know how to prove my love for you Molly Bridges but I’m doing my best to show it 🙂

Molly Bridges
Molly Bridges pictured with Arcan Cetin

Molly Bridges

Yet others also have since speculated that Molly Bridges may have also been Arcan Cetin’s accomplice, having previously worked at Macy’s and helping him bring in the three weapons he had earlier stolen from his father into the mall.

While surveillance footage showed Cetin entering the mall without weapons, ten minutes later he was seen brandishing a rifle. How the suspect was able to smuggle the weapons has yet to be explained by authorities, while speculation remains rampant, rather than being his intended victim, Molly Bridges may have been the one on the inside, assisting the shooter?

Molly Bridges

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  • Slyfishey

    I’m not sure publicizing this woman’s details is in the public interest for a wild accusation.

  • Theodore Ey

    It’s one thing to accuse someone, it’s another to print their information. Her information is public record, she is linked to the shooter. This website accusing her is a different story.

  • Theodore Ey

    Yes, because THAT’S the topic at hand here.

  • Slyfishey

    So we’re publishing a theory and presenting it as a possible answer to something we have no official press release about? You accuse someone of helping in a shooting using her full name and publishing her personal information without anything to back it up? Seriously?

  • Felix Morningside

    Its always classy to take a selfie in front of a tampon dispenser. Keep it classy Burlington.

  • Jack Lane

    The so called witnesses claimed he was a Hispanic shouting a woman’s name, he was a Muslim terrorist shouting “Allah!” which might sound like the girl’s name Alla or Alana?

  • Gemini_Jimmi

    The theory is that the suspect went into the mall/Macy’s unarmed to check it out, then went back out to the car and retrieved his weapon(s). That’s according to news reports here locally. I have yet to see a photo of him entering the mall with the weapon or a detailed time line that confirms this, however.