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Why did Ali David Sonboly Munich shooter create fake McDonald’s page?

Ali David Sonboly
Pictured, Ali David Sonboly.
Ali David Sonboly
Pictured, Ali David Sonboly.

What led to Ali David Sonboly Munich shooter going on a killing spree? Held right wing sympathies, psychological problems, and a love for mass shooters.

Ali David Sonboly has been identified as the Iranian German 18 year old teen responsible for Friday’s Munich shooting which left ten dead, including the gunman who committed suicide after initially escaping on the city’s subway system.

During his shooting rampage along Munich’s Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (OEZ) shopping mall, Ali Sonboly left nine people dead, six males and three females, seven of whom were mere teenagers.

A shooting that the described mentally ill, depressed loner was in part, was influenced by his fascination with mass shooting sprees as evidenced by documents found at the teen’s parents home during an overnight raid.

Believed to have right wing sympathies, anger towards recent Muslim immigration along with a fascination for Norwegian mass shooter, Anders BreivikSonboly shouted ‘I am German’ while making anti-immigrant comments immediately after the shooting.

Armed with more than 300 rounds of ammunition in his rucksack and carrying a Glock 17 semi automatic handgun, Ali David Sonboly killed his victims, aged from 13- 45 after starting at a McDonald’s restaurant in the city’s Olympia square.

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It was there that the shooter began firing at helpless children who had tried running away after exiting a men’s bathroom, brandishing his weapon while exclaiming ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is Great’) according to one witness.

Authorities told of the teen not having a license for his weapon, a popular firearm used by law enforcement agents worldwide. Of note, authorities also told of the handgun having had the serial number removed.

The teen who had mentioned being bullied at school was also at the time of the shooting carrying a book, ‘Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters.’

Ominously prior to the shooting, the teen is believed to have placed a fake Facebook ad inviting children to come to the targeted McDonald’s store at the Olympia mall in which he planned to pick off participants.

Read a rough translation of the ad: ‘come today to the Maccy’s at 16 o’clock at OEZ I ‘ll buy you something but nothing too expensive’

Of question is to what degree Ali David Sonboly’s childhood bullying may have inspired him to set a trap for unwitting children?

Ali David Sonboly
Ali David Sonboly along the roof of a parking garage immediately after the shooting.

Ali David Sonboly

Asked whether Sonboly had terrorist affiliations, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told during a Saturday morning press conference that the Munich shooter, the son of a taxi driver was found to have no links to terrorist organizations. Instead the police chief described the actions of  Ali David Sonboly as that of a ‘mentally ill deranged individual’.

The chief described the teen as a ‘classical shooter without any political motivation’ who was obsessed with mass shootings. Documents found at the teen’s family home, less than two miles from the scene of Friday’s carnage were replete with books and documents with mass shooters.

Also found at the shooter’s family home were several first person shooter games on his home computer.

The chief also told of the ‘bullied teen’ having received ‘psychological treatment’ and purposefully luring unwitting children who he had aimed to take down.

Hacking into a young woman’s Facebook account, Ali David Sonboly used the woman’s page as an alias to draw unwitting children to the McDonald’s venue in which he placed a fake Facebook ad inviting children for revelry and to take advantage of a ‘special offer.’

Ali David Sonboly
Pictured Norwegian mass shooter, Anders Breivik.

Equally ominous are reports suggesting the teen had changed his WhatsApp profile picture to infamous mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway on 22 July, 2011. Of coincidence, Friday’s Munich shooting would have marked the Norwegian mass shooter’s fifth year anniversary.

It wasn’t until 4.50pm that the Munich shooter emerged out of a men’s bathroom, clad in black where he proceeded to pick off unsuspecting children before then exiting the venue and continuing shooting at passerbys on the street along Munich’s Olympic quarter.

Local reports told of seven of the nine dead victims being teens, including three aged 14, along with 27 being injured. They were 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 45, and 18, with the rest of the ages yet to be released.

Further accounts told of Sonboly having dual nationality, both German and Iranian and had lived in Germany for some time, having lived in Munich for at least two years.

While authorities have yet to have tell what motivated the attack, they believe Sonboly may have been acting to impart revenge on years of being bullied at school, after a conversation caught between the shooter and bystanders immediately after the shooting revealed the shooter telling he had been bullied for seven years.

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  • Manny

    OMG Daub The Syrians Been Shot!

    [size=4]Munich Massacre Is A Complete Coverup.[/size]
    The Munich Shooter’s Facebook Including His Family Background Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey
    By Walid Shoebat on July 23, 2016 in Featured, General
    as1 copy
    Photo caption of Ali Sonboly’s Facebook page created by him with the Turkish flag (update July 23rd 2015) hovering in the background

    Ali David Sonboly (real name Ali Daud Sonboly) is no Iranian. He is pro Turkey’s Islamist agenda and he is from Syria, not Iran. That plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched.

    First of all. There is only one way to spell Sonboly in the Arabic: سنبلي. In the English it can be spelled multiple ways like Sunbulli, Sonboly because Arabic vowels need to be added using English letters. This is why we find Muhammad spelled as Mohemmed or Mehemet or Mohammad …

    But in Arabic, it is always the same spelling: سنبلي

    Unless one knows Arabic, they do not know where to look. Examining clan Sonboly and even Sonboly’s own Facebook (archived here) we find no persian flags hovering anywhere. What we find are Turkish or Syrian flags or the combination of the two, just like the shooter’s Facebook shows. These are Syrian Islamists who are pro Turkey’s Erdogan. We also find Arabic and not a lick of Persian as their main language. This is unlikely a ‘Sonboly’ of the Persian variety.

    Ali Daud (not David) Sonboly, did not simply have a fetish for the red colored flag or the crescent moon. His clan is of Turkish origin living in Syria. Go ahead, peruse each of their Facebook pages yourself and see.

    The case for this clan’s love of Turkey’s Erdogan is ironclad. Plus he lived in the Turkish neighborhood and his Facebook shows he was in Germany’s hauptschule college since 2011. He did not arrive there just two years ago. Someone up there in Germany’s government is fibbing advertising him as an Iranian which would make him a Shiite Muslim. This is done in order to avoid repercussion. Imagine Germans finding out that Turks and Syrian refugees who are entering Germany by the droves are the real culprit? For Germany, it was time to sweep it all under a Persian rug.

    as2 copy2
    as8 copy

    He posts a Turkish flag on his time line on July 23rd, 2015, a year before the attack
    as3 copy2

    This is another Facebook page of Ali Sonboly. He’s been in Germany for two years is nonsense. He started school at hauptschule in 2011

    The clan is from Homs Syria where some are scattered in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Canada. A quick peruse of this clan can show their love for Turkey (here, here this one lives in Chicago, sunni with a Hijab from Homs, Syria, see also here, and here, and here, and here these are anti-Assad pro-Turkey’s Jihad-loving brand of Islam.

    as4 copy

    And the Arabic version of Sonboly yields the same results. Ali Sonboly in the Facebook in Arabic connects him to some Erdogan/terror loving individuals.

    akh copy

    One clan member, Ziyad Sonboly likes sniping and he is clearly Syrian with a Syrian flag. He too, just like Ali, could be painted as “loving shooting sprees”. What Muslim terrorist is not enamored with shooting sprees? Name us a Muslim terrorist who would object to posting Anders Behring Breivik as a symbol?

    We also need to think of the photos of Ali that the media is providing us with. There is a photo of him being arrested, but we only get the back of this big guy. What few know is that Sonboly was being watched by the Interpol. They show you his face as a kid. But he is a mature individual. The photos provided from eye witness videos contradict what we are being provided by the media. Video shows his advanced in his age. What is up with the baby face? There are no photos of this man just as is? This is a big guy. He is not the tiny little 18 year-old peach-fuzz face kid.

    AS5 copy

    Gunman in Munich, Germany. #Munich pic.twitter.com/9JjKI76uD0

    — Dastardly_Pants (@Dastardly_Pants) July 22, 2016


    In fact, the same city police chief Hubertus Andraes gave the media something different to feed on from what he initially shared: “the presence of a record by the Interpol”. This information was also confirmed in a local Portuguese newspaper (see below) which Al-Arabiya net confirms. Al-Arabiya is a reputable source.

    All this was ignored, changed and swept under the Persian rug later on.

    as6 copy

    Al-Arabia makes an excellent point “according to the [initial] press release police, based on eye witnesses, said that there were 3 involved in the operation”. We also see 3 locations were incidents were reported.

    as7 copy

    We also have three dead Turks. Did they include some of the culprits as victims? If the culprit was dead, was there any report of an exchange fire with police? I don’t know at this point and such an assumption is my personal conspiracy theory.
    But my conspiracy theory beats Germany’s version, a right-wing conspiracy theory, carried out by a mysterious Iranian connected (or enamored with) “the far-right terrorist Anders Breivik”!

    A right-wing pro-Breivik, Shiite Muslim Iranian fresh from Iran? What sort of a molotov cocktail is this?

    And now, the same Munich chief of police Hubertus Andrae who knew that this man had a rap sheet at the Interpol says the gunman appeared to be just a crazy man “obsessed with shooting rampages”? Was that why he was monitored? What then is an Iranian doing with a Turkish flag and why is all his clan Islamists pro-Turkey Syrians? Was he and three of his Turkish victims the sacrificial lambs to gain sympathy for the Turks?

    Three Turks among people killed in Munich attack: Turkish foreign minister – Reuters… https://t.co/uqWDO8yMD0

    — Turkish News (@TurkishNews7) July 23, 2016

    This would serve their master Erdogan and his agenda.

    And Erdogan is already running with the story. Turkey’s Anadulu Agency is already cashing in promoting Erdogan’s agenda and Erdogan himself personally responded to the attacks stating:

    “Turkey, which has become the target of countless terror attacks and acts of violence for many years, shares the pain of Germany, where our many citizens live.”

    “On behalf of myself and my nation, I offer my deepest condolences to you, the friendly German nation and the families of those who lost their lives in this deplorable incident and wish a speedy recovery to all injured”

    Sonboly was an excellent trained shooter. By watching the video it is obvious that he went through some training. Police are unable to explain where. Experts reveal that his 9mm Glock was professionally reversed after it was made useless to be sold as a model:

    “It was bought from the black market which costs several thousand euros. Police so far has not identified the young man with arms dealers or the world of sport shooting or hunting contacts. One theory is that David S. bought the gun through Internet, one that had been turned off and sold as a design object, but was reversed by the young man to perpetrate the crime.”

    We are told he killed himself after Police injured him. Maybe he did, but as a different brand of Muslim ‘suicide mission’ with a cause. An attack on Turks helps Turkey’s Jihad by the pen.

    Is it possible that he is a Turkish agent, working in harmony with both Turkey and Germany to make a case for precipitating the flow of Turkish and Syrian refugees into Germany? It looks like Erdogan is going to come out and say that it was his people that were killed in the attack (he is already doing that) and thus they need more protections done on the part in both countries, Germany and Turkey.

    Could it also be that Erdogan will use this as a reason to quicken Turkey’s integration into the European Union, under the pretext that Turks should be Europeans and enjoy all of the protections of the EU? Could it be, that Germany, upset at the disintegration of the EU that is transpiring, needs a nation as militarily powerful as Turkey to join the European Union to somehow fortify it from its fragmentation, and to join the universal military force of the EU that Germany is working on creating? None of this would surprise me.

    Exactly what are Merkel/Erdogan brewing? A sweet refreshing Ottoman Karroub asal (şerbetçi), German beer, or some combination brew that refreshens both sides?


    But it is not only Jihad propaganda. Erdogan’s cause is to paint anyone who criticize Turkey’s new agenda as “terrorists”. Erdogan’s main calling from Allah lately is to redefine terrorism. His definition fits Fethullah Gullen from the U.S. including all his opponents charging them with terrorism.

    These are the facts, but is anyone listening?


    conversation extract partial..narrowed down to most sensible

    Balcony Man: ” You %%%%% you…”
    Shooter: “Because of you i was unemployed for over seven Years”
    Balcony Man: “you you, you re a !”
    Shooter: “…and now ill have to buy a gun to shoot you, shitty Turks!”
    Balcony Man: “A gun f off your head isnt right”
    Shooter and balcony man shouting at each other.
    Balcony man apparently to people filming: “Hes got a gun here, the guy has one”
    Shooter: “S&&&&&&& Kanacken (basically an offending Word for Immigrants)”
    Balcony man to someone else: “Ey! Hes got a gun! He has loaded his gun! Get the cops here!”
    Shooter: “Im GERMAN!”
    balcony man: “you are a thats what you are.”
    Shooter: “Stop filming!”
    Balcony Man: “Youre a is what you are!”
    Shooter: “Stop filming!”
    Balcony Man: “A is what you are. What the are you doing?”

    he is sventeen we are told..but out of work 7 years 😎