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Baltimore mom smacks son for taking part in riots. Becomes internet star

Baltimore mom smacks son
How one Baltimore mother became a hero.

Baltimore mother, Toya Graham has been lauded a hero after video (see below) caught the mom smacking her 16 year old teenage son after he attempted to join Monday’s Baltimore riot after the death of Freddie Gray.

According to WMAR the mother was watching TV when she saw her son throwing rocks on TV. This despite the fact that her son was wearing a ski mask covering his face.

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It wasn’t long before Toya Graham went to the streets and found her son where she then proceeded to cuss him out and whack him repeatedly over the back of his head whilst screaming, ‘Are you kidding me?’

As the mother set about walloping and regaling her ‘errant’ son a large crowd could be seen looking on in stupor.

Eventually the humiliated youth was able to separate himself from his mother, but not before she had gotten his mask off his face.

As the son begins to walk away from the scene, his mother trails after him while carrying a pink cellphone.

Baltimore mom smacks son

Baltimore mom smacks son

Baltimore mom smacks son

Baltimore mom smacks son

The scene has since led to many commentators hailing Toya Graham as a hero for having the conviction to set an example as to how her son ought to behave and by implication how other parents should strive to correct their children who have since been caught up in the riots.

That said some have wondered if the regaling of the son has led to various sects of society to continue the dogma that the ‘victimized’ are being vilified and humiliated for daring to take umbrage with what many would argue is their oppressed lot.

Commented one individual on the web: ‘Goodness gracious, the white media wouldn’t scapegoat the same community that was victimized, would they?’

That said others have supported the mother’s actions, calling her a hero and an example to the community as to how to properly raise children.

Children who by implication are the bearer as well as the facilitators of what ills their community and notwithstanding the structural paradigm that so often leads to many feeling there are few options but violence and retaliatory action.

And then there were these sampling of comments on the web that made me wonder. See what you think?

Isn’t it the job of the media to question these things rather than swallow them wholesale from the police, who are not exactly a disinterested party?

Why isn’t she the mayor?

Yeah, it’s a thing that happened. The problem is that this gets all the air time and gives dumb people something to fixate on while the real problems go unaddressed.

It’s a handy way for people to dismiss the protesters as a bunch of children who just need to be smacked around by their parents, and their grievances as unimportant.

He’s embarrassed I’m sure, but at least he wont be another statistic if his Mama keeps up on him.


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