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Pictures: Evgenia Sviridenko, Russian woman killed by her iPhone

Evgenia Sviridenko
Why did an Apple product cease to stop charging upon hitting water?

Evgenia Sviridenko a 24 year old Moscow, Russian woman has died after being electrocuted when her iPhone fell into the bath.

At the time of the incident, the woman was looking at social media site VKontakte (the Russian equivalent of Facebook) when her iPhone fell into the water.

Yet here’s where the hiccup came. The woman’s smartphone was plugged into the charger at the same time.

Unbeknownst to the Sviridenko’s roommate, who by now had begun to wonder what was taking Sviridenko so long to return from her bath, Evgenia Sviridenko came to be electrocuted.

Eventually the room mate, Yaroslav Dubinina, 23, came to look, only to find to her horror Evgenia Sviridenko  ‘floating on the water.’

Reiterated Dubinina via the UK’s Mirror: ‘I noticed that she had been gone a while, and when I couldn’t raise her I opened the door and saw her floating on the water looking pale.’

‘I saw her phone which was on charge at the bottom of the bath.

‘Her body was still shaking from the shock.’

The Moscow resident’s iPhone 4 was reportedly still working when it became immersed in water, with an automatic update posted to her social media feed.

Police are investigating the accident and why the charger didn’t cut out when it hit the water, Daily Mail said.. Police have declined to tell whether it was a licensed Apple product.

Evgenia Sviridenko came to Moscow from the Omsk region. She had been renting a flat in the southeast of the capital with her friend.

Evgenia’s death comes days after a 16-year-old girl died in Russia’s Bashkortostan Republic after taking her charging phone into the bathroom as she was taking a shower.

Evgenia Sviridenko

Evgenia Sviridenko

Evgenia Sviridenko

Evgenia Sviridenko

Evgenia Sviridenko

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    Huh. We need to get Putin an iPhone STAT.

  • Charles Barnard

    Very strange, as there shouldn’t be enough power coming from the charger to kill, and in any case, if it shorted, power ought to have flowed directly to ground.