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Thomas Gilbert Jr’s socialite ex girlfriend: ‘He was such a loser.’

Anna Rothschild
Cause Anna Rothschild knows a good catch when she sees one…

In a biting expose, faux socialite and fake publicist around the merry go round, Anna Rothschild, 49 has told that her former boyfriend Thomas Gilbert Jr, 30 was too good looking, too rich and too connected not to make it. Except when he didn’t.

Told the cougar via the nypost: ‘his dad was hypercritical of him — he couldn’t do anything right,’

Yes the tears…

Adding: ‘He talked a lot about his dad and how mean he was to him and how nothing was good enough.’

Whether he made it or not, Gibert Jr continued maintaining appearances on the black tie social circuit where he ran into aspirational socialite Anna Rothschild with whom the aspirational hedge funder (who found few takers) would start dating for a period of four months in early 2014.

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Perhaps in a sign of why things would not work out between the pair, Rothschild confides to the post that by the time she and Tommy parted he was a ‘troubled man who had few friends and no great job prospects.’

Long pause. Isn’t life unfair when the gilded set just don’t instantly become overnight successes like they are supposed to?

Rothschild goes on to tell that Gilbert Jr. was trying to start his own hedge fund, but ‘his dad wouldn’t help him and told him he was stupid.’

Adding interestingly: ‘He’s very much a loner. His phone never rang. No one texted him or called him. The one time it rang in four months while we were together it was his mother.’

Which of course makes one wonder how much pain did Anna feel when Tommy presumably dumped her to come out now and kick him squarely in the head?

Anna Rothschild
Anna Rothschild public figure fan page

That said the aspirational socialite does have some kind things to say about the monster who shot down his dad cause daddy was cutting him off from his gilded existence.

Offers Rothschild: ‘He surfed and went to the gym and went to yoga, he was very fit.’’

Rothschild goes on to tell that she decided to break things off with our collective heart throb last May having only seen him once again circa this recent Christmas.

Offering: ‘We had drinks. He was totally normal. I asked him about the hedge fund. He said it was moving along now. He was in good spirits.’

And this is where my eyeballs did a double take.

Adds Rothschild: ‘How could a guy be that gorgeous, that wealthy, that fit, and kill his dad? This is the last thing in a million years that I thought he could do.’

But to give some context to the faux tragedy of being killed for reining in one’s delinquent children, the nypost also quotes  Gilbert’s ‘brokenhearted sister,’ Clare, 24, who told authorities her father could be very controlling when it came to money.’ Especially if one wonders if the children had every advantage given to them that many the world can never hope to find a spare pot to piss in and still not figure out what many of us are forced to figure out: ‘Life is vulnerable, unjust and the sum of what you are willing to make of it. Good looking or fit or too gorgeous and in the company of a great girlfriend or not….

Anna Rothschild
Thomas Gilbert Jr
Anna Rothschild
Would you hit it?

Anna Rothschild

Anna Rothschild



  1. I am not sure if there is some really deep seeded issues with the family involving how they were brought up, but I am guessing it was a distant love…if any at all. I can’t judge because I don’t know them personally. My only question was for what reason was he using blank credit cards and a RFID card reader. You literally have your bread buttered but you are resorting to criminal activity. Sounds like a childhood full of giving because it is easier to throw money at a problem than actually dig deep and fix it. Mental abuse is no joke as well as drug abuse (if that was even a factor). Good looking guy, a shame that he got on the wrong road… hopefully their family can heal.

  2. Is that a Halloween Costume the woman has on in her picture above, or just the everyday attire of the trustfund crowd?

  3. Thomas Gilbert Sr joined the other 30 or 40 bankers who recently (and suspiciously) appeared to “die.” They’re not dying. They are relocating before they get arrested for fraud. They don’t want to land in prison like Bernie Madoff, so they’re absconding to a very nice neighborhood………. somewhere overseas.

    This story about “Sending his mother out for a sandwich” and burning down Hamptons houses and leaving the pistol packaging inside his own apartment reads like it
    was written by an autistic meth addict. It doesn’t add up.

    Another carefully-scripted episode of GUN GRAB ROADSHOW. Bloomberg and the Rothschilds are delighted everyone’s falling for it.

    And if you don’t believe me, ask the 40 other bankers who keep jumping off the roof of JP Morgan and falling into rivers and hanging themselves.

    They’re relocating. To a very nice area.

    Courtesy of the US Government and Euro banks.

    Some are guilty of LIBOR/FOREX rigging. Some were running Ponzi schemes.

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