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Zemir Begic murder. Was his death a race crime? Cover up?

Zemir Begic murder
Was Zemir Begic murdered because he was white? Images via facebook.

Robert Mitchell the purported killer of Bosnian motorist, Zemir Begic attacked by a gang with hammers has been charged with one count of first degree murder pursuant to the newly wedded man’s death in the early hours in St Louis over the weekend.

Hate crime? Zemir Begic beaten to death with hammers by gang after car attack.

The murder charge along that of one charge of armed criminal action comes off the back of authorities telling that they now have three suspects (the other two suspects are aged 15-16) in custody whilst now looking for a fourth.

Begic’s death has since ignited the community who have told that they believe he was targeted not because he was Bosnian (as the Bosnian community had originally maintained) but rather simply because he was white as the gang had purportedly gone on a lynching mission earlier that evening.

Witnesses would tell that prior to Begic’s murder that they too had been accosted by the gang who had been shouting ‘Kill Whitey.’ (see video below)

Zemir Begic murder
Robert Mitchell

It is thought the youths had sought to impart their own brand of justice in lieu of recent nearby events which saw African American teen Michael Brown shot dead at the hands of white Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson and later acquitted over his death.

That assertion though has since been discounted by Police Chief Sam Dotson who insists that Begic’s murder was the result of an isolated incident and not that of race inspired violence. A point of view that many have questioned with many now holding the position that authorities are seeking to affect a police cover up of what really happened.

Told St. Louis Police spokeswoman Schron Jackson via Fox: ‘Investigators don’t believe the incident is in any way related to Ferguson,’

‘The incident is not being investigated as a hate crime.’

St. Louis has the largest Bosnian population in the United States. They came to the Bevo Mill neighborhood in the 1990s, escaping the Bosnian war.

Zemir Begic murder

And then there were these comments on the web that caught my attention:

What propaganda today isn’t reporting is that these black youths were out yelling” Kill the white people” before they attacked this man. Blacks are the real racists in this country out to kill non-blacks.

Statistically, blacks are 15 times more likely to kill whites, than whites to kill blacks….and blacks kill each-other at a rate 8 times whites…. Blacks are only 13% of the population, yet blacks commit OVER HALF THE MURDERS.. over 90% of blacks murdered were KILLED BY OTHER BLACKS..

By the end of the 1950s, black unemployment, dropout, crime , Marriage rates, poverty, rates approached whites… now after 5 decades of failed liberal ‘great society’ social engineering, liberal dogma victimology, resultant govt dependence and $20 trillion more Federal welfare spending, 75% of black children are fatherless, and the black crime/poverty rates are 8 times whites…

Corrupt liberal media, race hustlers, corrupt Democrats collude to hide these facts… and instead blame whites, cast blacks as victimized, and propose more liberal govt as the solution.

Why is this not a hate crime?



  1. Note that the Department of Justice is demanding the death penalty for the hate crime in a black church – 9 murders by Roof. No problem with that, but a killing by hammers, by blacks who were shouting “kill whitey” stuff before and during, was not even investigated as a hate crime, because the murdered man was white. See Zemir Begic, December 2, 2014 near Ferguson. Where were Loretta Lynch and Obama when that hate crime was happening?

  2. Would like to see the police chief and mayor attacked by a mob of hammer wielding negroes. If they survived and continued to spout the same nonsense, turn the mob loose on them again. PC is dead.

    Recalling the pizza delivery driver (Bosnian?) who was also murdered recently in the area.

  3. St.Louis Police Chief – “There is no indication that the gentleman last
    night was targeted because he was Bosnian; there’s no indication that
    they knew each other.”

    His answer, when asked if race had anything to do with the attack, was about if he was attacked because he was “Bosnian”, and he did not say anything about whether he was attacked because he was White. Interesting choice of words. The question was whether he was attacked because of his race, not his nationality. It undoubtedly WAS a hate crime.

  4. Another WHITE Bosnian young man, 24, was assaulted by the same pack of baboons about an hour before they killed Begic.
    He fought them off and was lightly injured. He claims anti-White ooking and eeking was part of the attack.
    The cops and mayor KNOW THIS and yet they persist in the PC jive bee ess that Begic’s murder was not a Black on White hate crime…
    so that they may continue to kiss the Black aysses of their new majority “voter” base.

  5. Hey, ya stupid fuck, the guys are behind bars already. There is no video of blacks yelling “Kill whitey”, just a bunch of assholes like you who are trying to stir the pot, piss people off, and drive traffic to your site. You know what’s gonna be REALLY funny? When people like you realize that the “white guy” was a MUSLIM. Then it’s gonna be like, “Oh, who do we hate more, the blacks or the Muslims” f’kin idiot!

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