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Why did Upenn Elvis Hatcher commit suicide? Weeks after Madison Holleran.

Elvis Hatcher
Why did he commit suicide?

Another student at the ivy league University of Pennsylvania has committed suicide. The untimely death of Elvis Hatcher a much admired freshman comes off the back of the recent high profile suicide of Madison Holleran.

To date cops have told the 18 year old freshman hung himself. But why remains a mystery.

Of note is Elvis Hatcher’s academic acumen. Prior to enrolling at Upenn, the freshman obtained an associate’s degree in mathematics from Miami Dade College, graduating in 2012 with a 4.0 GPA.

During his freshman year, Hatcher made the Dean’s List and was a National Merit Scholarship finalist. He had been expected to complete his studies in 2016.

What might ought to come into consideration is the young man’s eccentric nature which may have seen him at odds or feeling at odds at the high brow ivy league institution. Hatcher it is understood hailed from the more low key sunny locale of Miami Beach, Florida.

Besides the suicide death of Madison Holleran, a track and field star, there have been a total of four suicides since the start of the winter break.

Interestingly prior to Madison Holleran’s death, her father, James, had told how his daughter had been struggling with her school workload. At the time her parents suggested that she transfer to a different school or go on a hiatus, but the freshman decided to return to UPenn after the Christmas break.

Some have wondered if the suicides could be related to the torrid pressure of excelling and keeping in line with rigorous expectations and standards at the school. Some have in the past have wondered if the school was necessarily providing enough of a forum to encourage students who may feel overwhelmed and verging on depression.

‘This is the first I’m hearing of this,’ retorted one concerned parent, Jessica Smith via the Daily Pennsylvanian. ‘I’m processing. And I’m freaking out a little.’

‘It’s nerve-wracking,’ added Mary Phillips of Virginia, whose daughter is a sophomore. ‘You wonder about the pressure, you worry about what all these circumstances are.’

Elvis Hatcher was the treasurer of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, which issued a statement:

‘The Brothers of Pi Lambda Phi would like to thank the Penn community for its undeniable support as we mourn the loss of our fraternity brother Elvis Hatcher. We are deeply saddened by this unfortunate incident and are currently supporting the family during their loss. Our hearts go out to our fellow students as we pull together as a community to support each other. Pi Lambda Phi has been truly blessed to have a brother like Elvis, and will miss him very much.’

Sophie Degat-Willis, Hatcher’s freshman-year French professor, called Hatcher one of her brightest and funniest students.

‘His enthusiasm and insightful contributions highly participated to the amazing dynamic of that class,’  Degat-Willis said. ‘He will be greatly missed by his fellow students, faculty and the Penn community.’

Elvis Hatcher




  1. He was my son’s friend, I kind of die every time I see his lovely face, the contributions he could have made in his life, I wish he knew that his situation was bullshit and life could have led him to happier avenues; but most I grieve for his family, the loss must be colossal! I’m crying as I write, best wishes to Elvis’s family. xxx

  2. Forgot that the order in which these come out make this third one the first.The,one below this was actually tge second comment and the third one below is actually where I began.
    Years ago a friend who stillvworks at Penn’s machine shop said there was a student who killed himself after working hard to get his PhD…3 weeks later dead from the stress. Sort of like killing yourself after winnin a major marathon prize.

    If Madison knew she coupdnt take,tge pressure at Penn and had the option to try Lehigh Valley ,was death the better option ? I guess these two suicides so close to each other will be an issue for a long time ..and tge reason is that their deaths just don’t make sense.
    Many are homeless and dont kill themselves .,Some are homeless ,unattractive and mentally ill and don’t kill themselves.

    People think suicide is an escape from suffering. But where do they think they go when they die from self murder ? How do we know? Maybe u go to much worse place for doing this ?
    A large portion of tge world belives in reincarnation…that might help prevent suicides . To believe that the state of your mind in general during your lifetime and your death propels your consciousness towards its next life is powerful reason to live fully and w.o fear ,anger, hatred…whether toward self orcothers.
    White simply, they think that if u had a lot of love and light in you…u will rise up to meet that when u die.
    I wish more people….especially young people would see that suicide is often a crime of impatience…that for many things really are not as bad as they seem

  3. Madison had depression and was seeing a therapist..no mention if she was on antidepressants from what I recall. If she was ..its possible she coyldve had the really harsh side effects that drive many to suicide..some get tgem during usage…some suffer worse side effects while withdrawing from them. One of tge worst is lexspro..people ,many young ,have been destroyed by it.Google this..its also on you tube

    Madison left a suicide note ..not sure if Elvis did. Did they simply lose perspective while under academic pressure ? Its ashame that most students don’t realize that once u graduate your grades,don’t seem to count to your future employer .Someone said Madison was a perfectionist …who throws away their life because its not perfect.
    I found much less info on Elvis Hatcher ..at least on my smart phone info was,ltd. There’s a vid of him on you tube when he had long hair and was,only 13,playing saxophone. In tge comment section where some said it was faked….he had to repeat his defense that he taped it w an outside Mic and other systems and a reverb and that its out of sync. Despite his explaining this people just didn’t get it..they really didn’t know what he meant .
    Maybe he was just a really smart kid that people just didn’t get. If he left a note I wish I knew if he stated why he’s going to end his life.

    And so this is why I wonder about these two kids. In Japan they have many suicides when kids who are trying to get into college do poorly on entrance exams

  4. There should be a correction to the statement that there have been four suicides since winter break. There have been at least two. Madison and Elvis died by suicide, Kevin Zhao died by cardiac arrest, and the cause of death of Pulkit Singh is still being determined.

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