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Oh really? Is that a picture of Anne Hathaway drowning?

Anne Hathaway drowning
Was Anne Hathaway really drowning?

The tabloid world was treated to a delicious spectacle yesterday with that of actress Anne Hathaway drowning. Or so it seemed.

Naturally there were a plethora of paparazzi ever ready to snap away as Anne Hathaway sprawled herself neck deep and then some in an Oahu, Hawaiin rip tide that insisted on carrying her away. Except Anne Hathaway didn’t want to be carried away. She wanted to live. So did the paparazzi snapping photos of her as she struggled for life. Or maybe she was acting. Or then again she may have been drowning too but what did the paparazzi care, that would have just have been another photo for the books.

Fortunately for the actress who perhaps wasn’t acting, (she was acting right?) a lifeguard materialized, ok a surfer, who came to her help as she proceeded to scream for dear life. But she was acting right? She is after all an actress. Hollywood heroes just don’t die like that do they? They always live happily ever after. Just like you and me.

But it got worse, as our heroine was being pulled to shore by the brawn surfer dude, Anne cut her foot along some reef. And it hurt. A lot. Which meant her husband, Adam Shulman was obliged to suck all them nasty toxins out of Anne’s toes. Naturally the paparazzi managed to take photos of that shit too.

Hollywood legends never die, they live eternally. Even if they’re on their way to drowning on a cool sunny bright day in paradise.

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