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Oh really? Sam Briggs records himself high on coke, lsd and special K at work.

Sam Briggs
Sam Briggs is on the good shit. How about you?

Kids have you ever wanted to know what it feels and looks like to be out of your skull on drugs whilst at work?

Fortunately for us Sam Briggs anticipated your hearty yearning to imagine life under the influence whilst still tending to the rigors of a consuming job. But with a lot more edge thrown in for good measure.

The video comes  after Sam Briggs’ buddies pumped him full of weed, ecstasy, and magic mushrooms and sent him off to work as a public works employee. Not that Briggs necessarily learned anything new in his part 2 adventure.

So enjoy kids as Sam Briggs goes about in his holiday inspired theme mode as a coked up, lsd, special K Christmas gift wrapping attendant raising money for who can be sure what. All the better cause as Sam Briggs tells us his boss knew jack shit. Just like yours of course.

The people renting out the stall and the public obviously have no clue that Sam is buzzing off his tits the whole time, but they’ll both be glad to know that all money raised went to charity.

Cause you deserve to self obliterate at work from time to time too…

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