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Nigella Lawson now moves out. Is it finally over?


Nigella Lawson

Charles Saatchi now admits assault after police warning.

Charles Saatchi is a scumbag. Dismisses choking Nigella Lawson as a ‘playful tiff.’

Nigella Lawson seen leaving home with suitcase after husband Charles Saatchi chokes her in public.

It seems things may be coming to a close for Nigella Lawson and husband Charles Saatchi after the British chef was seen yesterday having her personal effects removed from the house she has shared with her husband by movers.

The move comes off the back of assertions that their once fabled relationship has been a tempestuous one at best, culminating in recent images of Nigella Lawson being manhandled by Saatchi at well to do Mayfair restaurant Scotts.

The move comes days after after art collector Saatchi again protested his innocence as new pictures emerged of him apparently tweaking his wife’s nose after repeatedly grabbing her throat as they sat at a table outside a restaurant.

The 70-year-old insisted he was merely helping to clean snot from Nigella’s nose when he was photographed putting a finger up her nostril. Assertions that have of late become too much for the public to necessarily believe as public opinion of the art collector continues to dwindle in the face of the couple’s marital strife.

The couple have been living apart for more than a week since images of Saatchi manhandling Lawson were first published and re published ad hoc the world over.

Nigella, 53, left their martial home with her two children early last week and has reportedly moved into a £10,000-a-week apartment in Mayfair.

To date Lawson has refused to make any comment but in a sign that not all is well the British press have photographed her in the street without her wedding ring.

It is also thought Lawson and Saatchi have not spoken to each other since she left the home following publication of the photos.

As a cursory one wonders if the fracas would have healed itself had the public and media not weighed in their overwhelming disapproval and whether the feeling of shame to stay with a man widely perceived to be a serial wife abuser in the end finally tipped Lawson’s hand?