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How JC Penney’s ‘Hitler tea kettle’ came to sell out in hours.


JC Penney's 'Hitler tea kettle'

Because illusions are what make for fascinating kitchen table talk.

Making the media rounds today is JC Penney‘s new tea kettle which has an uncanny resemblance to Adolf Hitler‘s infamous moustache. Although JC Penney insist it is just a coincidence and had never intended for that shit, the internet turned around and bought copious amounts of the kettle, presumably because deep down we all have a soft spot for tea and Adolf Hitler of course.

Because the internet always knows best what’s right for you…

And then there was this comment on reddit that brought a rueful smile to my face:

This story just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. It’s such a waste of time and resources from every party involved. From the people who found it worth their time to call and complain about a fucking kettle, to the media reporting on it, to the people who bought the damn thing and to the frenzy that circulated talking about the whole mess. I have a feeling that in about 100 years stuff like this will be prime fodder for ridiculing our time. Much like we laugh at some old world remedies(heroin anyone?) and old wives tales, they will laugh at our pettiness and waste about a fucking kettle.

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  • markpine360

    omg that’s crazy oh my lord what’s happening with this world, i can’t take it. this article is so powerful, its ludachris